Saturday, April 22, 2006

11:55 AM Saturday April 22, 2006

The past four days have been very eventful to put it mildly. Where do I start? This past Tuesday morning I began feeling the telltale signs of a bladder infection. This would be the fourth one in the past nine and a half months! Totally frustrated we headed for the Yuma Regional Medical Center and emergency room. Four hours later, after the lab agreed with my diagnosis we picked up my prescription at Wal*Mart. The E-room doctor had prescribed an antibiotic that “will kick butt” and I was instructed to take it four times a day for ten days. It is called “Nitrofur 100 mg” and it kicked butt all right … mine!

I felt well enough on Wednesday morning to ride to Palm Springs, CA airport with my Aunt Elaine and Phil to pickup her sister, my Aunt Beverly. We had stopped for a bite of breakfast and coffee along the way and I couldn’t finish my food because I was beginning to feel nauseous. By the time we arrived at the airport I was feeling weak and feverish and totally exhausted and I decided to wait in the car. Beverly arrived and we cancelled plans to tour Palm Springs and headed home to Yuma. Phil drove and I dozed wishing I had stayed home. We arrived about 4 PM and I took another dose of the antibiotic and fell into bed. Phil began reading the “side effects” of this medication and it dawned on us that my illness was not from the bladder infection but most likely a reaction to the antibiotics … I was experiencing every side effect cited!

The next morning, rather than spend hours in the E-room again, we went to a small “Urgent Care” clinic and the doctor agreed I was reacting to the antibiotic and prescribed a much gentler, user friendly antibiotic (Cipro) to be taken twice a day for seven days. Phil went off to Wal*Mart to get the new prescription after dropping me off at home where I went back to bed … still feeling sick to my stomach and like I’d been beat up … I ached all over! I fell fast asleep, woke up two hours later and discovered Phil wasn’t home yet. My first thought was that he had stopped at Elaine’s house and was visiting with my two Aunties then I began to wonder if he had been involved in an accident … which I decided was overreacting and tried to go back to sleep which was impossible.

Finally, he came through the door, extremely upset because he had in fact had an accident. Thankfully he was the only one involved … he ran into a light pole in the Wal*Mart parking lot. You will see that the amount of damage was significant considering he was moving at less than 5 MPH. He was befriended by a couple from AK who loaned him a pencil and tablet and put him in their air-conditioned auto to start making calls to the insurance company, the tow truck and Aunt Elaine to come get him and take him to the rental car company. Actually, he was very efficient … he was finished and home with the rental car in less than three hours.

With the toxic antibiotic mostly gone from my body, I was feeling so much better by the next morning and we went to the Ford Garage where our insurance company suggested we have the truck assessed and repaired, took pictures and transferred some of our personal things into the rental car, a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix. Nice car but not as cozy and comfy as our “Lone Ranger”. Hopefully, the appraiser won’t decide our little truck is totaled but it is ten years old so it is certainly possible.

This accident will delay our leaving Yuma for a week or two at the very least which will cause us to change our plans. It looks like a straightforward trip back to WA without any side trips will be in order. But, that’s the beauty of fulltime Rving! There is always another time just around the corner to see things we’ve missed along the way.

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