Saturday, April 08, 2006

10:19 AM Saturday April 8, 2006

We have arrived in Yuma! Beautiful blue skies, soft warm breeze with an 87 degree high forecast for today. My "to do" list is a mile long after boondocking for a week. Laundry, grocery shopping and some minor maintenance on Penny the Pace if possible. Our space here at Desert Holiday RV Park is the equivalent of Wal*Mart with hookups but it will do just fine no longer than we're going to be here. My Aunt Elaine lives just across the road (in the winter) and we took her to dinner at the Golden Corral yesterday afternoon. It was the first time she'd ever been there and fortunately, she was mightily impressed. I think she'll find her way back there again one day. Of course, it's one of our favorite places to eat so we know we'll go back at least once more while we're in Yuma. Auntie says the famous Yuma Flea Markets are pretty much shut down for the summer so we don't know if we'll find our solar system installers still in the area but we'll go check it out. Phil has some questions to run by them if they're still here. They move the operation north in the summer along with most of the temporary RV population who depart this desert oasis en masse each spring. Most of the RV parks are nearly empty now but there's still plenty of traffic on the roads which tells me there are lots more people living in Yuma year-round than there used to be. My aunt Beverly will be arriving on the 19th of April and the two sisters will drive back to WA together taking the scenic route I'm sure. I know we're related because they also have the travel bug and for years have traveled all over the west together visiting family and seeing the sights.

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