Wednesday, April 05, 2006

10:30 AM Wednesday April 5, 2006

An Arizona storm rolled in on us last night. The wind picked up and during the night, one rainstorm after another poured down on us along with several thunderstorms complete with lightning! I looked out the window when I went to bed and watched the pontoon boat tugging at her lines, swinging the stern back and forth trying to break free but of course, the well-tied ropes held fast. I went to sleep listening to the “surf” of Lake Roosevelt as the wind pushed the waves up on the shore. This morning it is still windy and the hard-packed dirt all around where we are camped is mud—lovely. Don said it reminded him of the Arizona “Monsoons” that come every year in June. Maybe they have arrived early this year due to the Washington Karma surrounding Phil and Joy. Ya think?

Phil and Don went fishing as if it was just any other day but promised to run for home if another serious storm moves in. I hope the fishing is good enough to justify being out there in this wind.

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