Wednesday, March 01, 2006

11:30 AM Wednesday March 1, 2006

The probable rain hasn’t materialized. Yesterday afternoon, going from Penny to the Ranger we felt about four drops and that was it! 135 days have passed now without measurable rain in this part of Arizona. As a long time Washington resident, it’s hard to comprehend how any of this vegetation survives but somehow—it does! On the other hand, the native grasses (which look dead) and the cedars and pines (that are still green) are all tinder dry, the fire danger is “extreme” and a burn ban is in effect everywhere. We’ve heard there have been three fires already and unless they get some rain, there’s bound to be more. I have to admit, it makes me a bit nervous but we have the advantage of being able to move our rolling home out of harms way with just a few minutes notice.

By the way, when we were here last year Phil and I were both affected by the altitude. Nothing serious but we were definitely aware of the difference. This year … nothing. Isn’t that odd?

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