Friday, March 31, 2006

10:20 AM Friday March 31, 2006

Ardella’s chemo is finished and she really wanted to go fishing so we drove our motorhomes south of Payson and are boondocking on the shore of Lake Roosevelt. As I said I would do from now on, I DROVE the Lone Ranger and followed Penny the Pace. That made for a nice calm ride for me and Phil didn’t have to listen to my histrionics as he maneuvered our rolling home down the 6 % downgrades. From my vantage point, Penny seemed to take it all in stride which makes me very happy but I still like being in the truck, behind her.

Friends of theirs followed us and pulled their newly refurbished and roomy (24’) pontoon boat down and Phil and Don are out fishing this morning. The temperature as I begin writing this blog entry (at 9:30 AM) is at 64 degrees already with a slight breeze and some sunshine along with high clouds. With our solar panels, dish TV and satellite Internet, we are very comfortable actually (however, we have minimal cell phone service) and if all works as planned while we’re here, maybe we’ll be inclined to boondock more often

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