Saturday, March 18, 2006

11:35 AM Saturday March 18, 2006

For a “travel blog”, we’re not doing much traveling lately, are we?

Ardella’s brother Randy and sister-in-law Tina were due to arrive late last night (after we left and came home to the RV park) and plan to stay for a week. Phil and I will try not to intrude on their family time together if that’s possible. My worry is that Ardella will try and do too much while they’re here because she’s always been a wonderful hostess in the past and knowing her, (because she’s feeling better) she will attempt to do the same for them. Hopefully, her brother will quickly recognize that try as she might, she just isn’t able to cook and entertain as before and will not let her overdo.

Back to travel plans. We hope to take some time to sketch out the next leg of our adventure and set a tentative time for leaving Payson this weekend. When we leave here, we want to spend some time in Yuma, AZ (to visit family and enjoy some real desert weather) then make a short stop in Las Vegas (again, to visit family—my cousin Buster in Henderson, NV—and hopefully take in a show or two) then back to WA by early to mid-May.

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