Tuesday, February 28, 2006

10:50 AM Tuesday February 28, 2006

After her blood draw at the hospital in preparation for Ardella’s chemo today, we drove down to Lake Roosevelt yesterday, about 50 miles south of Payson and picked our spot for a potential camping/fishing trip next week in our motorhomes. All will depend on how Ardella feels in a few days after this, her next to last treatment. It was our first trip to the lake we’ve heard so much about over the years and we were impressed. It’s over 20 miles long and looks totally out of place in the middle of the desert. According to our friends, there’s lots of good fishing in this lake including bass, croppies and catfish. They will be bringing their 24’ pontoon boat down so Ardella and I can ride in comfort and maybe do some fishing ourselves. It was a beautiful day especially since Ardella felt well enough to participate after being flat on her back for weeks. Such a simple fix … getting the blood pressure back to normal certainly is cause for thought in regard to my friend’s health care. Her next hurdle is a brain MRI but as I’ve said many times before, her attitude is so positive, she is hands down … my hero!

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