Wednesday, February 15, 2006

10:05 PM Wednesday February 15, 2005

Our time in Las Cruces NM has come to an end and we will head for Benson Arizona tomorrow morning. Although it’s only about 230 miles, we will leave earlier than our usual 10-11 AM (probably about 8 AM) because the gusty winds (up to 50 mph) that are in the forecast will mostly likely not begin until the afternoon, according to a local Phil talked to. With any luck at all, we’ll be long gone before they start. We really enjoyed our time here and I'll tell you more about that later.

Phil had noticed that one of Penny the Pace’s shock-assist airbags in front was losing air. We went to the Wal*Mart Supercenter down the road and bought a small air compressor and Phil put in more air. Within an hour or so, it was nearly empty again and although he worked underneath for several hours trying to locate the leak, he couldn’t find anything. Penny was listing to the driver’s side and not really safe to drive that way so Phil went off to make arrangements to have a new one installed.

Bogart’s RV Service Center was just a mile or so down the road and agreed to get us in right after lunch. We quickly got her ready to roll and delivered our home on wheels to Bogart’s at about 2 PM. While we went off to have some lunch, they replaced the airbag and gave her a full service Lube/Oil/Filter. While she was with them, they checked all the fluids, hoses, belts and tire pressure as well and proclaimed her ready to roll at 5 PM. We were back to our RV park and completely set back up by 6 PM. Everyone including the receptionist, the service manager and the mechanics we met were extremely helpful and efficient and we were extremely pleased at how fast they got us in and how quickly they got the work done. The total cost was $329 (after the 10% Good Sam Discount on parts). We highly recommend this shop if you are in the area and need work done.

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