Friday, February 10, 2006

12:48 PM Friday February 10, 2006

We have settled in at Van Horn, Texas for a couple days to rest from our over 300-mile trek from Abilene! After my acknowledgment a few weeks ago regarding my TV addiction, you all will appreciate this story.

Phil had planned to stop in Pecos after only 238 miles however, in conversation Phil mentioned that particular park didn’t have cable TV (which is okay because we have satellite TV) and as an aside, he also pointed out they were so far away from a major city, they had iffy antenna reception meaning no network channels! Well, that means no Today show, no Martha, no View, no Dr. Phil, no Oprah and worst of all, no Sunday Morning (my favorite show)! And, we had planned to stay for four days so as not to travel on the weekend! Instant anxiety! Absurd? Maybe … but true.

So, bless his heart, my sweetie decided to drive an additional 100-miles in order to find us a park with cable TV … and here we are in El Campo RV Park in Van Horn, TX. It is a Passport America park and they charged $1 for our electric heater and $2 for cable TV so we had to pay $12 per night! ;-) We journeyed more than 100 miles farther than we normally like to drive on “travel day” but we took two rest stops along the way for some lunch and some exercise so we arrived in pretty good shape.

We stayed here about the same time of year in 2005 as we traveled east to San Antonio and not much has changed. The town is very small (only 2400 population) and very rural except for I-20 on one side of town and a very busy Union-Pacific railroad on the other. We are at over 4000’ elevation so it’s windy and a bit chilly after the sun goes down. We found a fairly decent “Steak House” (Phil had chicken breast with rice and I had my favorite, a small Rib Eye) down at the other end of the main street so with dinner out of the way, we came home and had a good nights sleep minus the bomber jets coming in for a landing every five minutes to Dyess AFB across the road from where our RV Park was located in Abilene.

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