Wednesday, February 22, 2006

12:46 PM Wednesday, February 22, 2006

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (it was yesterday) to my sister, Dixie! Hope it was a good one little sister. I have to say, we love southern Arizona! The weather is “mild” according to the meteorologists and that translates in our vocabulary as WONDERFUL. It does get chilly very quickly after the sun slips behind the Maricopa Mountains to the west but that’s a given in the desert. We are parked in Table Top RV Park at the intersection of AZ highways 84 and 347 about 17 miles west of Casa Grande. This park has few amenities but the price is right!

I talked to our dear friends, Ardella and Donald yesterday. Even though she is getting chemotherapy, she is feeling so good that they are going to bring their motorhome down here (one of their sons will drive it down as Don isn’t supposed to drive it for at least six months after his bypass surgery) and park beside us for as long as she continues to feel good. That is the very best news we could have received! Her oncologist is in Phoenix and she can get there from here as quickly as she can from Payson. She loves the desert and does so much better at this lower altitude (Payson is a mile high) it’s a good thing for her to be here. Their daughter, Debbie (a near-professional caregiver) is relocating to AZ from WA to take care of her parents for as long as need be. She will also come with them to the desert. Debbie was born the same year my oldest, Shawn was born and they grew up together until Ardella and Don moved to AZ in the 1960s. I am looking forward to spending some time with her as well.

We drove to Casa Grande yesterday for lunch and a Wal*Mart visit. Shelton friends who winter in Maricopa, John and Carol, met us at Barney’s Restaurant, one of our favorite places to eat in the area. After an hour or so of catching up on all the news, we parted company and made plans to visit them at their house tomorrow afternoon. Their place is a fabulous example of a desert home that they have decorated in the charming southwestern style inside and out. Their son, David is one of my favorite Shelton “kids” and he snuggled into a special place in my heart years ago while he was married to my daughter, Bobbie’s best friend Terry. It was great to hear he is doing well after a few rocky years during his youth.

Phil put his back out in Benson while washing the Lone Ranger (no rhyme or reason for it) and has been slowly on the mend. He managed to prepare for and drive Penny the Pace the 142 miles from Benson to this wide spot in the road named Stanfield without any problems (the Captain’s chair is very comfortable) and we arrived safe and sound. He is taking a long walk twice a day and resting as much as he can so each day he feels a little better.

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