Sunday, January 09, 2011


The blog will be short and sweet again this week. We have been totally preoccupied with getting the cabinets and counter tops finished in the kitchen of our “new to us” mobile home. The counter tops are finished and just yesterday, the cabinetmaker began installing the upper cabinets. He needs to build the drawers and finish by installing the hinges and doors, which he has said will be done tomorrow. We shall see … I’m not holding my breath.

Phil and I masked off and painted our old refrigerator out in the carport. It works very well but was an almond color. We scrubbed it, then sanded it and washed it down again. We used black, epoxy appliance spray enamel. There are some boo boos thanks to the cold weather but all in all, it turned out pretty well. Now our appliances will all match. It is still in the carport, inside a black plastic tent that Phil fabricated, with a heater running so the paint can cure.

The bedroom is getting the first coat of paint when Phil manages to get back there in between other chores. It will be white also and the ugly brown paneling is becoming a memory. That stuff is so depressing it is hard to imagine why someone hasn’t painted it before. The white paint just opens up the room and makes it seem half again bigger!

Update on our friend, Les: He is home and doing much better! Still a ways away from walking unassisted as yet but he is definitely seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. The kitchen is slowly coming together and it looks great. Sure looks like you will have a lot of work space. Little Sophie sure looks happy snuggled up on your bed - yep, she's spoiled.