Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well, it finally happened! The kitchen cabinets are finished and the fun has begun … HOORAY!!. Can you imagine my relief? My momentum had been brought to a screeching halt for the past couple weeks as I waited for the construction to come to an end. I was beginning to come unraveled and Phil kept saying, “just relax … he will finish when he is ready.” So, the cabinetmaker worked through the night Friday and by Saturday morning he was finished. I think he knew I was at my wits end.

The dishwasher has been working overtime-scrubbing dishes, small appliance parts and pieces as well as pots and pans that have been packed away for months. Deciding what will go where is challenging and unpacking things I haven’t seen for months is like Christmas. When we finish the bedroom we are moving in … finished or not!

It has been a whirlwind week. Last Friday we took granddaughter, Sara on a flying trip down to Centralia to look at a 1986 Chevy Cavalier I found on Craig’s List. For a 25-year old car, it has low mileage (only 130,000 miles) and has had excellent care. After a test drive she put a deposit down on it and we will take her back today to pay the balance and pick it up. The owner wants $750 but he was at work and his wife lowered the price $50 already because Phil had to jump it to start it. The battery had not held the last charge and Sara will have to buy a new one. We will also ask for an additional $50 off because the headliner needs to be reglued and there is a leak above the windshield.

Great Granddaughter, Carly was a participant in the Elk’s Hoop Shoot last weekend. She had a pretty good size rooting section and tried her best but had some bad luck in spite of her greatest effort. We all went out to brunch at Denney’s afterward and we gave her lots of atta-boys for doing her best. She is playing basketball in school this year and loving it.

Our cold weather has warmed up but along with rising temperatures, came the rains. It is supposed to come down like gangbusters for a week or longer. The drive down I-5 to Centralia will no doubt be miserable today. Our “Little Sophie” is getting more comfortable with us every day and she is so good about going potty outside we are very pleased with her progress.

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  1. When I read "At Last" I knew you must have finally gotten your kitchen cabinets. Thank goodness that stress is finally over for you. They look very nice and I'm sure you will have them filled up in no time. Can't believe you can enjoy all that rain there though. Glad to hear that Sophie is settling in so well. Buddy says "hi".

  2. Yay! All is ready and working and able! What will you do next?

  3. Glad you finally have an ending... GREAT photos it looks wonderful!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  4. It looks wonderful Joy!

  5. You have a beautiful kitchen!

  6. Greetings from Southern California :-)

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron

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