Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well … another week has slipped away but rather than complaining about how slow every thing is moving … I must say now that we are coming down to the wire at the speed of paint drying! Phil has finished painting the bedroom and the "new to us", bedroom furniture has various coats of primer and paint. After the painting is done, all that is left for us to do is clean the windows and put up the storm windows and blinds; clean up the mess and vacuum the carpet; assemble the bedstead and bring in the mattress and box springs then make the bed and we can move in!!! Hurray!

I have been unpacking kitchen boxes and putting things away. Our new cupboards are spacious and I love the brand new smell. Believe it or not, the new pantry is not as big as the one in our "Penny the Pace" but with a little maneuvering around, I found space for everything. We have enjoyed a couple meals at the breakfast bar, nothing fancy but home cooking nonetheless and a pleasant relief from restaurant fare.

After weeks of searching on Craig’s list, we finally found a car for granddaughter, Sara in Centralia; about an hour drive south on I-5. The owner was a mechanic who had taken very good care of it and along with a complete service record; he gave us total disclosure about all the pros and cons of the car. It runs great and is in good condition for a 25-year-old car with 130,000 miles on it (about 5000 miles a year), which is actually half the national average per year. She is a happy young lady and we have now been relieved of the duty of taking and picking her up after work nearly every day, which makes us very happy as well.

We are loving our “Little Sophie” more each day and although she continues to be very jumpy (loud noises still scare her) she is learning to trust us more every day. The housebreaking training is going very well. She is now lasting all night without an incident (on the potty pad) and most of the day she takes care of her business on the many walks when we take her outside. She “tells” us she needs to go out by pacing in front of the door (since she can’t bark or make any noise) and we are learning how really smart she is as time goes on. What a great little dog!

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  1. Why doesn't Sadie bark?

  2. I was going to ask thesame thing? Why can't Sophie bark. Glad things are moving along for you with your house.

  3. Your house is looking fantastic!