Monday, January 31, 2011

And here it is! Not completely finished but close. I'm thinking about putting tiny lights around the wooden dowel behind the bed. Then I'm thinking maybe greenery ... what do you think?

Also, the bedding is an auction bargain and the color isn't doing anything for me. However, it will do until something better jumps out and grabs. Maybe something with some red in it .... :)!!


  1. I think the bedroom looks very pretty...but I was wondering where the red was??? I know how you love your red!

    It's been fun watching how you take 'used' things and make them into 'new'. Great job!

  2. It looks beautiful!

  3. Hello. We haven't met. I accidently found your blog a couple of days ago and loved it. You are living our dream when we retire so I enjoy watching you fix up your new home. We live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado as caretakers at a retreat center. Right now we are needed here almost every week, but someday, we hope to buy a trailer home for base, and travel in a RV. Good luck and thanks for sharing! Karen