Sunday, October 31, 2010


Phil is nearly over his cold and (knock wood) to date, I have no symptoms. YAHOO!!! If mind over matter in fact works, my proclamation that I refuse to get sick must be working. All righty then … so far, so good!

This past week has given us near daily contact with granddaughter, Sara. That has been wonderful having a chance to visit with her regularly. Getting her either to or back home from her job at McDonalds has been keeping us busy. We are not the only family and friends providing transportation and she has been using public transit as well when her shifts coincide with the bus runs. When her new job starts at Little Creek Casino, we will all have to regroup once her hours are determined until she has saved enough to buy a car. We will miss seeing her so often once she has her own ride.

Megan, another one of our lovely granddaughters, who lives in Longview, went with her husband, Joshua to Maui on vacation for a week. One of her clients (she has a house cleaning business) owns a condo there and gave her the keys. A very nice tip wouldn’t you say? We received a promised post card a couple days ago. They were having so much fun snorkeling and soaking up the sun.

The Cadillac is still in the shop and her problem remains a mystery. Our mechanic is using a very slow process of elimination and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it is not something really expensive. The Ranger has been repaired and we picked it up from the garage after we recovered from the shock of the total bill. Heater cores are not cheap folks but it sure is nice to have heat in the cab and the ability to defrost the windows once again.

Progress on the house is moving along, however not as quickly as we would like. While we wait for the cabinets to be finished and installed, Phil has started working on the living room preparing the ceiling and paneling for painting. We have decided to go all white for now and if we hate it, we will change the wall color at a later date. I just want to get this project finished so we can move in before the really cold weather gets here. We cleaned the big window in the kitchen, insulated and installed the storm windows and hung the new mini blinds. It looks really nice (sorry, I forgot to take a picture-next week for sure). I will worry about window treatments later.

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  1. Things are coming along. Great Job Phil !! The floor looks awesome!

    Can't wait to see the crocus and hyacinth's. I can smell'em already! :)

    Joy be sure to take your vitamin C and keep the positive attitude. Knocking on wood probably doesn't hurt either, LOL!