Sunday, October 17, 2010


More bad news from the fulltime Rving community today. I’ve just learned about the tragic deaths of Margie and Bruce, in Pismo Beach, CA. Fulltimers for about two years, they originated in Tumwater, WA and were in CA for the winter. Avid daily walkers, a speeding car driven by a suicidal driver trying to kill himself ran them down on their morning walk. No word about whether he accomplished that goal or not. Their daughter wrote a small note on her mother’s blog to explain what had happened. We had never met them but I read Margie’s blog and she read mine once in a while. Another senseless tragedy and they will be missed by all of us.

Phil has been working all week and has finally gotten 99% of the painting done in the kitchen. I really fell down on the job and only took “before” pictures then neglected to take “after” pictures. So, I guess you will just have to come back next week for those. Sorry about that!

Last Wednesday, Phil began taking the prep for his colonoscopy scheduled for Friday. We arrived on time and they took Phil in right away. An hour later, the doctor called me in to tell me they had aborted the procedure because Phil’s heart rate was jumping all over the place for no apparent reason. They sent us to Group Health Urgent Care where we spent the next four hours while they did EKGs, Pacemaker assessments and blood tests. Everything checked out perfectly normal except for some troubling PVCs (preventrical contractions) but his heart rate remained steady so he was finally released. They will schedule an echocardiogram for sometime in the near future to find out what is going on in there. It was certainly not how we expected to spend the day and Phil is not pleased that he has to go through all that prep again someday but he will do it. Will keep you informed as more tests are done.

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  1. Be sure to let us know how the tests go after they are completed. Wishing you good luck with those.

  2. That is so sad about your friends. SO SAD.