Sunday, August 01, 2010


Hurray! My post op visit with my Ophthalmologist confirmed that my cataract surgery on my left eye was a success and it is healing very nicely. I now have 20-25 vision in that eye and 20-20 with corrective lenses should I decide to get them. I’m hoping for 20-20 in the right eye after surgery and I may be sans glasses once again after 30 years! My blood work follow up with my PCP went well. My numbers are all within range and there has been some major improvement in my cholesterol. My cardiologist wants my LDL below 70 and it is 79 and that may not be acceptable to him but I’m still working on it. My HDL is still too low at 33 but my doctor prescribed Niacin for me and I’m going to try that for a while. Phil went in for a hearing test on Friday and discovered nothing new … he is in fact losing his hearing and needs hearing aids. However, the least expensive Group Health has to offer is $2,400 and neither they nor Medicare pays any part of them except for the test. We will just continue to do our “huh?”, “what did you say?”, “excuse me?”, “say that again” dance for a bit longer I guess. Maybe we’ll hit the lottery … oh right, you have to play to win don’t you? So much for that idea!

Our great granddaughter, Carly played her last two soccer games this past week. She LOVES soccer and hated for it to end. We loved watching her play and will miss it too. Now she can take a break until school starts and she plans to play basketball and maybe run track again this year. She is especially competitive but also a good sport and very team oriented. Did I tell you we are so PROUD of her? :) Her 12th birthday is coming up fast and her mother is having a BBQ for her at home. I can’t believe she is 12 already! Seems like yesterday when she was born…

Phil continues to work on our new bathroom and in spite of a few glitches along the way and a couple extra trips to the lumber/hardware store he is progressing nicely. The new floor is down and just about all the new plumbing and wiring is ready to go. Part of the sheetrock is up and the rest will be put up in a day or two, then the tub surround will be installed. The shower/tub faucets will go in tomorrow and once that is done, things will begin to move fast. I am SOOOOO excited for it to be finished. It is so close …

We have stayed away from the many garage sales for two weekends now (it has been tough!) but I finally made room for another load from the auction and we went to Belfair Friday night to see what they had. We purchased enough treasure to fill the truck again and somehow, managed to get most of it inside the mobile. Grandson, Joe finished his repair job on our roof and cleaned all the gutters. We’re hoping (although realistically we know it is probably not possible) he found and patched all the holes. We have a lot of big “stuff” stacked outside under the awning so when rain is forecast we will cover it with plastic just to be safe until we see how tight the roof actually will be. However, he did a very good job and we are optimistic about the results.

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  1. Can't wait to see you this week. Daniel played soccer from 5 till he was 19, he just loved it!

  2. Good to know things are going good for you I have not worn glasses since my catarac surgery 2 years ago. Can get pretty sunglasses now. (I know I am vain). Trying to get things ready for Sharon. Busy