Sunday, August 15, 2010


For a travel blog, this blog is sorely lacking. For that I apologize but there is not much travel going on here except back and forth to Olympia (about 40 miles round-trip) for doctor appointments and out to the mobile home and back to Penny the Pace (about 7 miles round-trip) at night. Pretty boring stuff I have to admit. I’m thinking about starting a new blog with a link to it on Backroad Chronicles while we are off the road. The new blog could be about our adventures here in our old hometown (sort of what I have been doing in Backroad Chronicles since we arrived), showing our garage sale treasures, relating the auction fun and all the family and friends we interrelate with as the months go by. That way my readers that are looking for travel info can opt out until we are back on the road. By doing this, I can get out from under these guilt feelings about how I am disappointing some of my loyal followers out there on the road. Also, I might reduce my entries to two per month instead of every week. Let me know what you think, okay?

Our beautiful Caddy went into the shop this past Monday and received new front brakes; a LOF and a front end check up. She passed with flying colors and we were told her rear brakes are still very good. Next up is a front-end alignment and she should be good to go for the winter. I love this car more and more every day. In my humble opinion, there is no car like a Cadillac! Phil finally took the time to give her a good scrubbing and she looks better than ever.

On Wednesday, I had my second cataract surgery on my right eye. As I am typing this post, I am not wearing glasses and my close vision is getting better every day. On my post-op visit the next day, my doctor said everything looks great! I will go back in two weeks for an evaluation to find out if I need glasses and if so, get a prescription. He said most people just use their glasses for driving at night because they are mostly to even out the glare. I am having a bit of trepidation about giving up my 1.25 readers that I’ve had since the first surgery. I hope my confidence improves as time goes by and I can leave the house without them pretty soon.

My sister, Robin and bil, Walt arrived from California on Wednesday night. They came up to the trailer on Thursday to see the progress we have made first hand. With all the stacks of boxes, etc. still needing to be priced, filling up the place it is hard for others to imagine how it will look when we’re done but I have the picture in my mind. Trust me, it will be wonderful when it is finished. Robin and her son’s family went to Bremerton yesterday to witness her daughter-in-law, Beth’s sister, Linda graduate from nursing college. Walt had to head south to Portland to attend a celebration in his family. They will be leaving for eastern WA on Monday then heading home to Pleasanton, CA after visiting his brother and family.

We attended our great granddaughter’s 11th birthday party and BBQ on Saturday afternoon. It was a great party and her Mom, Jenn did a fabulous job putting it all together. After Carly opened her gifts, all the kids (and some of the adults) went down to the lake for boat rides and swimming. Phil walked down with them and took some pictures before we headed for home. Gloria and Les invited us up to their house to watch a video (Ghost Writer) and fed us a dish of Creamsicle ice cream for dessert. Yummy!

As always, I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by! Be sure and let me know what you think about my new blog idea.

Until next time ...


  1. I, for one, want to continue reading your blog - whether it is about travel, family, finding and selling treasures. However, I know how difficult it can be to write a blog when not much is going on. I'm considering going to once a week once we "settle" for the winter.

  2. Joy, whatever you write I love. I loved seeing you and Phil, we had such a good day. I came home very sick. Getting back though, not dressed:) but regaining concessness ~ spelling is the first to go. and not caring LOL