Sunday, August 22, 2010


The comments I received last week regarding my new blog idea were few but the ones I did hear were 100% in favor of my continuing the blog as I have been doing. So … that is what I will do for a while longer. We continue to live in Penny the Pace and work almost daily on our renovation project at the trailer. I’m not exactly doing much in that department but Phil is working his tail off. I, on the other hand am spending my time getting ready for our big garage sale that will hopefully put a few greenbacks back in the kitty. Of course, all that cleaning, pricing and packing for transport is taking its toll on my body and I have been forced to face the fact that “The old gray mule ain’t what she used to be!” I feel fine and my recuperation from heart surgery appears to be moving along nicely. However, I will be celebrating my 71st birthday in November and my lifestyle has been fairly sedentary for the past six years. I keep hoping for a reversal of these tired body symptoms as time goes on but so far, not much luck. Thoughts that I will have all winter to rest keep me going!

Grandson, Joe finished the block retaining wall that encloses Penny’s parking place and also finished up the painting on the gutters and fascia board around the patio cover and carport at the trailer. He has done some wonderful work for us and we are very happy with the results. Who knew we had such a talented grandchild?

We picked up great granddaughter, Carly on Wednesday and she stayed with us for two nights and three days. Along with her dad, Joe we all went to Tacoma on Thursday and intended to take in the Children’s Museum of Tacoma but Carly decided it was geared more toward young kids (and after all she is 11 now) so we opted to go to Point Defiance Zoo for a few hours. We also took in the Tacoma Farmer’s Market and viewed some beautiful Puyallup Valley produce. We bought some cherries to snack on but knowing it would be hours before we got home, decided not to buy any produce this time through.

Before we headed for home, we decided to eat our Linner at Warthog’s BBQ in Fife, WA. Joe worked there when he lived in Tacoma and had been telling us for years how good the food is. He had a great time visiting with his old boss and some coworkers and as he had predicted, we had a great meal.

Neither Phil nor I had any doctor appointments this week and after returning Carly to her mother Friday afternoon we headed for Belfair and attended the auction. We filled up the truck and had a great time. We really enjoy going and as usual, brought home some great bargains. This coming week Phil has two doctor appointments and I have one so it will be a busy week. Next Saturday and the following Tuesday, Phil and I will work for Gloria and Les at Rock’s ‘n Rhinestones. They are taking a much-deserved mini-vacation over the Labor Day weekend but of course will combine pleasure with work and buy a few rocks on the travels. We know nothing about rocks but we will keep the doors open and let everyone know the experts will be back on Wednesday next week.

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  1. You may be an "old gray mule", but you seem to be full of energy. I'm glad you will continue your blog, but I can understand if you quit. With months of being parked on our RV lot, I have no idea what I can blog about. Sometimes I get tired of trying to come up with anything. I knew you would be somehow involved in the new guys just can't help yourself. Rocks? This is going to be interesting. Hope Phil is squeezing in some fishing time. Miss you guys a lot!

  2. Joy, I'm so glad to hear you'll be continuing the blog. Even if it's monthly it still keeps us all in the loop.

    Love how the trailer is coming along. Great job Phil and helpers!

    Thanks for the flashback of Point Defiance and the Zoo. We took the kids there back when the beluga whale was in labor. They had all the camera's set up to tape the birth and we were the last visitors to leave that day. Unfortunately the baby didn't survive. It's such a magical place!

    Anyway, you can join me in the ranks of "not much to talk about" while you sit dormant for a while. Don't worry, eventually everything comes full circle. We'll ride it out together! LOL!

  3. Just blog as it comes to you. Don't worry about "what" to blog about. Just write about your everyday life. If you don't feel up to it then don't write too often. Either way we are following along! Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives with us. Take care and have a great weekend! =)