Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello dear friends and family from beautiful downtown Shelton, WA.
We have had very nice weather all week even though the weather prognosticators have screwed up the forecast nearly every day. They forecast showers and it is sunny and warm. They forecast sunny days and it pours down rain for an hour or so. That sort of unpredictable weather is very familiar to us after living in WA for so many years. The last showers at the mobile home park did not last long enough or come down hard enough to really test our recently repaired roof but even so, we watched closely and saw no sign of a leak. We will have to wait for a truly hard downpour to give it a real trial. I am hopeful we have solved the leaking problems and look forward to finding out for sure.

Phil picked up his A-pap on Monday and began his regime on Wednesday. The first night was rough and after about four hours, he took it off. The second night was easier for him and he wore it all night. Last night he slept so well, he wore it all night and didn’t get up until almost 9 AM. I also noticed that his side of the bed was hardly disturbed which meant he did not toss and turn all night like he has always done. I have also become aware that I am resting better and getting used to the slight hum of the machine. It kept me awake for several hours the first night and a couple hours in the early morning on Friday. Last night I barely heard it at all. Obviously, I am adjusting to the noise and tuning it out. I am fairly certain that this new way of sleeping will help both of us get a better nights rest. Apparently, there is a monitor that will tell the technicians how many hours Phil is using the machine. In order for Medicare to pay for it, he must use it a minimum of four hours a night for a minimum of 21 days during the next 90 days. So far, I am loving it … Phil is not so thrilled but bless his heart, he is giving it his best shot.

On Tuesday, Phil had a follow-up appointment with his ophthalmologist. He received the good news that his pressure was back down to 21 and 24 (normal is 20 or under) after being up to 26 and 28 so he has been given an A-ok for another six months before his next check up. I went to my regular ophthalmologist on Wednesday for my post-op checkup on my right eye. They put a close vision lens in during surgery and after two weeks of separation anxiety I actually went all day today without wearing my readers. I did not miss my glasses once and I am typing this blog without any eye wear at all. My vision is 20-100 now in that eye and I have 20-20 in my left eye. Yes!!! I will go back in a month to get a prescription for glasses IF I feel the need. Time will tell how that turns out.

Early in the week Phil brought grandson, Joe over to help him bring the washer-dryer combo into the bathroom. It was a VERY tight fit but with only a few scrapes on the wall they managed to put it in the nearly finished bathroom. Phil installed it and guess what? It would not work. The next day, we went to the appliance store where it was purchased. We had an “in house” one-year parts and labor warranty but we agreed to pay for a service call ($60) if they would come to our house to fix it and it would not have to be moved again. They have been there twice now and it still is not working. We told them it was the pump but after two tries with used pumps from their inventory, they have decided to order a new (and correct) one. Supposedly, it will be fixed early next week when the right part comes in.

We have been living in the middle of a good-size yard sale in Gloria and Les’s back yard the past two days. The last day is today and most everything will be half-price all day. It has been fun to help out and we haven’t got much accomplished at the trailer to speak of. The washer not working sort of took the wind out of our sails and once that is fixed we will get our momentum back! Back to the grindstone on Monday!

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Until, next time


  1. Hi,
    Good luck with the Apap. Using it will add 10 years to your life. I use a BiPap with oxygen in the evening. Now I can't hardly sleep without it. If you have problems, get the tech out to adjust your mask again.

  2. I was driving down the road and saw your decal on the back of your truck, so I thought I would check out your blog!

    Don't you just love Washington weather? Haha. I hope that all goes well with the Apap!