Sunday, June 20, 2010


We are trying very hard to remember the quote above attributed to Ben Franklin but another week has gone by without closure on our new home base. And, it seems like we’ve been going at a dead run but not accomplishing much! The good news is that we managed to completely furnish our new home and had a great time doing it for very little money due to freebies from friends and family along with garage sales and an auction! We still haven’t been able to transfer the title due to a delay on the part of the seller but we are hoping to close the deal early this next week. We are both ready to get to work but Phil is wary of putting any sweat equity into the place until it is actually in our name and of course, he is right. However, it is torture not to be able to start getting the things that need to be done marked off the list.

Last Sunday we spent an enjoyable afternoon with my youngest daughter, Bobbie, her friend, Benny and her son, Joe. Phil cooked dinner for all at her house making his famous chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice and refried beans. They were delicious … as usual. The following Tuesday, my mammogram (along with a retake a few days later) and bone density scan were taken care of and now we wait (it seems we’re always waiting for something) for the results.

On Wednesday, we finally connected with our great granddaughter, Carly who will be 11 in August. Her mom dropped her off to spend the day and after going out to breakfast with our friends, Ray and Sandy we went to Rocks n’ Rhinestones where Carly became enamored with the whole process of searching for, cutting and polishing rocks. Les gave her a short tutorial about the rocks she picked out to take home and we bought her a couple books for beginners. Then we spent several hours in the afternoon in Olympia with my sister, Robin and her husband, Walt. They joined us for Linner at Sheri’s Restaurant but since it was too early for their dinner, they had a snack and while we ate, we enjoyed a good visit and they were happy to get to see Carly.

The next day, Carly came back and spent the night with us then we took her garage saling the next morning starting at 8 AM and continuing until after 3 PM. Of course, we took several breaks … once for breakfast, twice to unload our purchases at our (soon to be) new home base, once for another stop at the rock shop and once for Linner. At one sale in Union, WA (a small town on Hood Canal just north of Shelton) we ran into Tim and Shari, the folks we bought Penny the Pace from back in 2004. Shari told me she has been keeping track of us on the blog so knew we were back in the Northwest but never dreamed we would connect in such a serendipitous way. What a pleasant surprise and it was really good to see them.

When we delivered Carly back to her mother’s work in late afternoon, she had many bags of garage sale bargains along with more rocks. With lots of hugs and kisses all around, we promised to see her again real soon. Wired with all the energy that comes with being young, she was still rearing to go but Phil and I were pretty pooped and more than ready to kick back and take it easy but we still had an auction to attend. We loved having her with us but it was a reminder that usually in the big picture, having children is left to young people. Saturday morning, in spite of heavy rain that became intermittent mid-morning, we managed to check out many “Saturday Only” sales and found just about everything we still needed. Very productive weekend!

As always, I thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. So glad that you are doing well.
    Be safe