Sunday, June 27, 2010


The money has changed hands—we are homeowners again … not landowners but homeowners just the same and the work has begun. It seems a bit strange after being footloose and fancy free for six years, but, “strange” in a good way. All of a sudden, we have responsibilities again … monthly bills to pay (space rent, electricity and homeowner’s insurance) not to mention a yearly property owner’s tax (fortunately, on a trailer as old as this one that amount is minimal). We have paid these same bills during the past six years but it was our predilection. We didn’t have to—which is the difference. Penny the Pace is 100% self contained and we always had the choice to camp out in the boonies (that’s why it is called boon docking) instead of in an RV park but that rarely happened. The older we get, the more we appreciate our creature comforts.

Phil had three doctor appointments this past week! The first one was at the cardiology department for a battery check on his pacemaker. Since this one has only been aboard for about two years, it is still registering a strong signal. However, after discussing his snoring issues (which I’m not sure how or why a cardiologist is involved at this point) it was decided that Phil should have a sleep test to see if he has sleep apnea or if his breathing difficulty during sleep is caused by something else. That consultation appointment was the next day and he has been scheduled to come back and learn how to use the machine that will do the testing. That done, his test will be performed at home which Medicare now approves. They have been doing it at home for years through private insurers and Medicare finally got on the bandwagon. His final appointment for the week was with his ophthalmologist and although his eyes haven’t really changed much there is an issue with his pressure. He will return for more testing next Friday. He had this problem before and it was corrected but it seems the condition has returned.

We have been working every day on our new home base. Lots of pruning shaped up the overgrown camellia and rhododendron as well as a small lilac bush that had become rangy and overgrown with suckers. We had the lawn mowed and have begun work inside getting ready to paint. Phil has also been working on the shed, cleaning it out and made a dump run with all the garbage and made a trip to the recyclers with a truck full of the pruning from the shrubbery. I have been sorting and boxing up our garage sale and auction purchases so we know where each box belongs when it is time to unpack.

Our darling Carly will join us tomorrow to go to a few garage sales and then spend the night. She leaves with her family on Friday for eleven days of vacation into Montana. Last night, we met my sister, Robin, her husband, Walt along with our beautiful niece, Tammy and her husband, Steve for a lovely dinner and visit at one of Olympia’s finest seafood restaurants on the waterfront. Robin and Walt will begin their trek south back to California on Monday after spending nearly three weeks spoiling their grandson, Max and granddaughter, Sophia—two very great kids that are growing up fast!

Since we are off the road for a while, I am especially appreciative and grateful to all of my readers who are still checking in to see what’s happening in our world!
Until next time ...


  1. Yay! ongratulations! Now you can start collecting "stuff" again, or as our daughters call it, "nesting!"

  2. Congratulations! You were so lucky to have six years to adventure together.

    I hope settling down works out well for you both as well. So, is your new place in Olympia, WA?

  3. Congratulations on sealing the deal! I wondered why I hadn't heard from Phil lately...guess he has been working hard on your new "summer home". I checked ebay but he doesn't appear to be selling anything. You sound happy...looks like this was a good decision. Hope Phil's tests etc. all go fine. Miss ya'

  4. Ya! Love the new little house and please post pics once you get the inside ready to go. Don't know if you plan on blogging while sitting put but would love to keep reading. Also looking forward to your next adventure in Penny so the suspense over the summer will be exciting!

    Cheers! Merri