Sunday, June 06, 2010


It has been a joyous and fun-filled week here in our little world up in Shelton, WA. Visits with old friends and family have filled out days and nights. Phil and I vowed to not complain about the weather while we are here this year and so far we’re doing pretty good. It has been difficult with the continual rain since our arrival but there have been some fairly nice breaks in between showers. The sun feels good when it comes out and gives us hope that summer is coming soon to the northwest.

Phil has managed to get a few items checked off his “to do” list and we found an afternoon to get our laundry caught up. Phil also gave Penny the Pace’s vinyl floors a good wash and wax before putting down the clean throw rugs. I managed to clear out some more clothing from of my closet to donate to the thrift store and found three pair of brand new shoes in my size at garage sales at bargain prices.

The thrill of the week (and the “Good Thing” I mentioned in the title) for us happened when my beautiful granddaughter, Megan came north unexpectedly from Longview, WA and brought her baby boy, our GREAT grandson, Sean-Michael Liam to meet his Nana and Papa for the first time. He is 19 months old and all I can say is that I am in love! He is absolutely adorable and so full of personality that has twisted this great grandma’s heart around his little fingers. What a wonderful child and I am so grateful that (with luck) I may live long enough to see him grow up now that my heart problems have been addressed. Sean-Michael is our number two great grandchild—the other being Carly Jenessa Joan who lives in Shelton and will be 11-years old in August. We haven’t caught up to her yet but that will happen very soon.

Last Wednesday evening we went to an estate sale auction in Olympia with Gloria and Les. It was fun but with very high-end items way above our budget. We called it an educational seminar with the star of the show being a huge and very valuable doll collection. Wow! Who knew? One doll went for $500.00 and dozens sold for over $200.00. Phil said he was sure glad I didn’t collect dolls … LOL

Doctor appointments brought my health records up to date at my local eye care professional and I have an appointment next week for a consultation with the eye surgeon to discuss my cataract surgery that has been postponed while we were on our 21-month odyssey. I also went to see my primary care provider. She was amazed at how well I was doing after having open-heart surgery such a short time ago, and I have orders for a mammogram, blood work and bone density scan along with a referral to see the cardiologist of my choice in a week or so for follow up after my surgery.

Friday and Saturday we were up early and hot on the trail of the treasures we knew awaited us at all the garage and yard sales in the area. This time we actually found something that gave Phil the “find of the week award.” Inside a small wooden box he bought for .50 cents, he found some bits and pieces of tarnished jewelry, which included a pair of Black Hills Gold earrings that our friend, Gloria who is a jewelry expert valued at around $200-$250! One was broken but Phil fixed it for me and I was thrilled. They have been happily added to my jewelry collection. Saturday after running down garage sales all morning, we went downtown to Gloria and Les’s store, Rocks n’ Rhinestones and watched the Forest Festival Parade, the annual Mason County celebration for the past 65 years of the logging industry and forestry products that have been the cornerstone of the economy here in Shelton. My older daughter, Violet was walking in the parade this year to support one of her friends who is running for senate in the next election.

After a quick hello-goodbye and a hug from her, Phil and I headed south for Longview for another visit with our (he is Violet's first grandchild) delightful and precocious new GREAT grandson, Sean-Michael (and his parents too of course … :). We met at Sizzlers for a leisurely Linner for us and lunch for them. Lots of picture taking then we followed them home for another hour or so of hugs and kisses from that adorable little boy. It had been a long day for me and I was fading fast by the time we headed home and I actually fell asleep for quick nap as we sped north on Interstate 5. Of course, that is what freeways always do to me … put me to sleep! I am definitely a “Backroad” gal!

Another busy week has ended and again, I thank you all for stopping by!

Until next time …


  1. Hi Julie, Its been awhile since I was able to catch up with all my blog friends, so its great to read through you adventures this morning. So glad your recovering well. Don't you just love (NOT) all those doctor visits! A necessary evil LOL! The whole northwest has been rained to death this year. Even California (at least where we live) is 128% of normal. Of course in Calif, we don't complain about extra rain. We usually don't get enough. Have a great weekend~ xxVicki

  2. Joy, you and Phil had a busy week for sure, and what a blessing to meet up with the new great grandson!

    We've had a busy week also, with knee replacement surgery. Just getting back into the blog world today, will post one this morning, once I get done with my exercises and out to the casita to find a picture or three. Good to be back with you, on or off the road!

  3. Great to hear you are doing well. I worked this past weekend and next weekend will be in Longview at the fairgrounds for a mustang adoption. Sharon is coming in July. Am trying to get some things here done in advance but stuff keeps interfering. I will be over to see you some time. Life will slow down I know it will.

  4. As much as you seem to get tired of rain, I'm surprised you like Washington - but it's about family and friends, right?

    You have been staying busy! I'm just so happy to know that you are continuing to do so well. How Phil gets good reports from his doctor visits/tests.

    OMG what an adorable grandson! Soooo cute! He looks so much like you!

    Couldn't believe you kept those earrings Phil "stole"! Don't turn your back or he will be selling them on eBay. You guys must be having so much fun finding bargains.

    How long will you be in Washington before you head back towards Yuma?

    We miss you.