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Our Penny the Pace now has a new muffler and a new section of tailpipe. When that was done, the second garage we took her to for the LOF, and her yearly (chassis, hoses, belts, etc.) inspection (admittedly a few months late--we usually have all that done in May) found that her front brakes needed to be replaced so that was a good thing! Her rear brakes still look good. Our maintenance fund took a pretty good hit but that is what it is for, right? Phil gave her a good scrubbing and she is looking pretty good in spite of these intermittent (at times biblical) downpours. Last nights deluge broke the heat/humidity we have had for a couple days so even though today was cooler, it was more comfortable. Supposedly, we have will have 72 degrees and sunny weather for the next four days. Hooray!

When you read the blogs written by RVers, invariably the subject turns to weather. I know we paid attention to the weather when we lived in a stick and bricks house but I can’t remember that it was constantly in the forefront of our decisions every day. That is the most significant change in our mindset since we retired and went on the road. We thought we would be in charge of our new lifestyle … guess again! The weather rules the roost in this our home on wheels and admittedly, sometimes that gets tiresome. Do you have the same feelings? We had hoped to follow a perpetual spring, summer and fall condition. We had hoped to find 70+ degrees and follow it around the country. We thought that would be easy. Well … not so! If you have a magic wand and know how to accomplish this feat, please let us know, okay? Believe me, we are all ears!

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As you know, I am enamored with genealogy and have been for many years. In that regard, I found this bit of info on the web and thought I would share it with you.

What it took to get an 8th grade education in 1895...
Remember when grandparents and great-grandparents stated that they only had an 8th grade education? Well, check this out. Could any of us have passed the 8th grade in 1895? This is the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 in Salina, Kansas, USA. It was taken from the original document on file at the Smokey Valley Genealogical Society and Library in Salina, and reprinted by the Salina Journal.
8th Grade Final Exam: Salina , KS - 1895
Grammar (Time, one hour)
1. Give nine rules for the use of capital letters.
2. Name the parts of speech and define those that have no modifications.
3. Define verse, stanza and paragraph
4. What are the principal parts of a verb? Give principal parts of 'lie,' 'play,' and 'run.'
5. Define case; illustrate each case.
6. What is punctuation? Give rules for principal marks of punctuation.
7. - 10. Write a composition of about 150 words and show therein that you understand the practical use of the rules of grammar.
Arithmetic (Time, 1 hour 15 minutes)
1. Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.
2. A wagon box is 2 ft. Deep, 10 feet long, and 3 ft. Wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold? 3. If a load of wheat weighs 3,942 lbs., what is it worth at 50cts/bushel, deducting 1,050 lbs. For tare?
4. District No 33 has a valuation of $35,000. What is the necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104 for incidentals?
5. Find the cost of 6,720 lbs. Coal at $6.00 per ton.
6. Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7 percent.
7. What is the cost of 40 boards 12 inches wide and 16 ft. long at $20 per meter?
Well, how did you do?

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  1. Oh my! Let's see now, how many meters in a kilowatt? Or is it how many dollars in a farthing? Or hom many angels can dance on the head of Jay Leno?

    That was fun! What else do you geneologists find?

  2. Good grief, I would have flunked completely. Next year when its time to get a flu shot remind me to pass on it. Have never been so sick in my later life. I think I might live today but am not sure. Feel like a truck ran over me. Glad all is well with you and wish I was there. We have already had snow but it didn't last and its warmer but I want WARM. I won't complain, I won't complain ect ect ect.

  3. I actually live about an hour from Salina, KS, so I have seen this quiz previously...but isn't it amazing? Those were and are some hard questions. Very interesting and entertaining post. Thanks and keep up the good work.