Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our intrepid Penny the Pace traversing a backroad to Florida from Summerdale, Alabama.
This is State Highway 16 and US Highway 90 east that connects with I-10 north of Pensacola, FL. Beautiful drive, beautiful day!

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  1. Joy, don't like to be negative, but there are too many "thru-the-windshield" pictures in too many bloggers' postings. We've been guilty of it ourselves on rare occasions. We unhderstand that these delightful and so-rewarding backroads don't offer any place to pull over with a motorhome and toad, so we have to be accepting and forgiving. Keep on rolling, lady, and keep on snapping the pix! We remember one time in Washington on a backroad, I saw a bear lumbering out into a field. Suzy managed to pull off onto a quarter inch of gravel, on a curve, on a two lane so I could get the picture. Don't recommend that as a regular practice!