Saturday, November 21, 2009


To be (controversial) or not to be (controversial) that is the question … :) … a pointed question indeed. Do strong opinions have a place in an RV travel log? Beyond parks and eateries, probably not—so I guess I’ve answered my own question. That said, our friend, Nick Russell who is well known in our fulltime RV circles for his cross the line ever so slightly (or every so often stomp all over the line) opinions, has been encouraged to say more. He is now writing a new blog called “BAD NICK” where he pulls no punches and blatantly states his convictions on innumerable subjects. Without remorse, as only Nick can do, he lets it all hang out and stirs up more controversy than is usually seen anywhere near an RV Travel Blog. His groupies love it and without doubt there are more of them than detractors. However, it wouldn’t be real life if there were none so the few there are blast him in their comments but true to form it only serves to fuel Nick’s fire. Check it out at here if you enjoy a vigorous debate!

I make no apologies for being an Oprah fan. I have watched her show since the first day and she has entertained me as well as millions of others for nearly 24 years. I have seen her struggle over those years with her weight (boy can I identify with that) and seen her screw up, educate, bring tears to our eyes and laughter into our hearts. I have more often than not agreed with her show content but once in awhile, I have waggled my head and wondered “WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?” Her recent announcement saying at the end of her 25th year she will be leaving comes as no surprise. She has paid her dues; a quarter century in any job is enough. I agree that it is a good number and now is the time to move on to other things (not that she hasn’t already). I salute you Oprah and look forward to your last season where you have promised to “knock our socks off!”

Our dear friends, Margie and Roger (we stayed in their driveway in Tennessee back in April before they went fulltime and we joined up again at the 2009 Eastern Gypsy Rally) went to work where they are parked in Davenport, Florida. With pictures, e-mails and phone calls they helped us find our next landing spot for a few months. We want to give them a huge shout out for all their help and look forward to being neighbors again so we can spend some quality time together.

Our stop here near Monticello, Florida has been interesting. Phil found an excellent garage (Curtis Morgan Garage, Inc. Monticello, FL) and had new rear brakes put on our little trooper, The Lone Ranger. A work horse for sure, he has been a true and faithful companion for the past five years. We are ever amazed at how well he performs and how dependable he has always been. Buying that little truck was a very good decision back in 2004.

This Tallahasee East KOA is very wooded. Somehow, our Datastorm Satellite managed to find a hole in the canopy of oak trees that have bombarded us with acorn missiles day and night. The squirrels in the park are many and very entertaining. They are running up and down the trees, digging in the ground and chasing each other all day. Fun to watch but we are being diligent and keeping the basement doors closed as we don’t want to bring one of those cute little critters alone with us when we leave!

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  1. Bad Nick provides a lovely outlet, and a raging fur-fly afterwards. We enjoy his rants because he personally does not carry them beyond a certain point. You are right, though, many of his "groupies" have no such self-imposed limits. We try to be early readers of Bad Nick so we don't have to wade through a mile of slambang racism, anti-everything, and don't-drink-the-water nonsense.

  2. If arguing and screaming at each other on the compuper(aka debating?) Is your thing, but I hate it. I think it makes people very empowered when they don't have to look at the person.. just my humble opion. That's why I don't watch the cable "non News" none of them. I will miss Oprah terribly. She was our local anchor in high school and remember her so well. If it's a subject I'm not interested in, I don't watch that's what the remote is for :) I wish I had the power, intellgence and fortitude to change lives like she has. I've been to the little town Oprah was born and raised as a child in Missisippi, she really came from nothing and made something beautiful!

  3. Could use some of your sunshine. We have snow today.

  4. Thank you for your total understanding Joy! NO CRITTERS!