Sunday, October 19, 2008

We went on a drive to Napa with sister, Robin and her husband, Walt. I had heard about a little bakery/deli in town called “Sweetie Pies” on the Food Network and wanted to give their Grape Pie which is their claim to fame signature item a try. Made from concord grapes, they only bake it in September and early October during the harvest of these grapes. Well, would you believe they sold the last pie the day before and we also arrived too late for lunch by an hour? Disgruntled but refusing to let this disappointment ruin our day, we walked down the side walk to a fancy-dancy French restaurant and ate our “Linner” on the patio outside next to the Napa River. It was pricey but the service was impeccable and the food was pretty good. Not GREAT but good. After eating, we drove around Napa, ogled and photographed the old-time mansions (many now converted into apartments) and impressive architecture in the older part of town. This treat alone made the trip worthwhile

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