Sunday, October 19, 2008

The next day our travel outing took the four of us into glorious San Francisco on a perfect day to visit the newly opened California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. Walt estimated the line to enter was over 500 feet long (out in the sun) and we had been told it would be at least a 20 minute wait. On this day, the fire marshal was seriously enforcing the capacity rule so they were being careful to only allow the same amount of visitors in the entrance door as the number of people leaving the building from the exit door. Of course, the big turn out was most likely due to it being the first “free day” since opening and as it turned out, the 10 minute wait (they were really moving fast) was well worth saving the $20 per person entrance fee. It was a fascinating building which enclosed a planetarium, a rain forest sphere and many assorted aquariums including a hands-on tidal pool on the lower level. Their main attraction was a large, pure white albino alligator. This critter was stunning!

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