Sunday, October 12, 2008

READIN' ... WRITIN' ... and WINTER in CA?

Pleasanton weather report: A chilly 35 degrees this morning! But … the sun is shining and we have been told it will warm up nicely as the day proceeds. Okay … I’m ready. The long pants and socks came out yesterday and I wore a jacket indoors and out for most of the day. We have extended our stay for another week here at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in order to continue our family visit and enjoy the weather; the family is willing, now all we need is cooperation from The Weatherman! Hello?

The past six days have flown by but so far, nothing very exciting beyond visiting and searching out wonderful new places to eat has happened. Wednesday evening I rode along to his monthly book club with my brother-in-law, Walt. He had given me the title of the book (The Book Thief by Zusak) to be reviewed and after finding it at Barnes and Nobel—I managed to finish it the day before the meeting. Having never been involved in a book club, it was an interesting experience and sadly, I now realize what I have missed over the years. As a diverse and dedicated reader I find book discussions appealing and whenever possible, “Book TV” on C-Span is a favorite show on the weekends.

Yesterday morning I tagged along with my sister, Robin to her monthly “Writer’s Group” meeting. That was an enjoyable experience as well as each member read a short story they had written and invited constructive critique from the group. Our hostess served us muffins and fruit along with coffee and tea and I believe a good time was had by all. I really had a great time but must admit I find creating fiction very intimidating. I prefer relating facts and actual happenings as in the biographies I am working on. Last night all of my local nieces and nephews came to Robin’s house for dinner. We had a great visit and a terrific meal. I just love those kids! Julie and her husband Doug presented a terrific verbal travelogue about their recent three and a half week trip to Italy and Greece! They had a great time, especially enjoying the food in Italy and Julie said they have not eaten out in an Italian restaurant since returning for fear of disappointment.

My sister, Robin continues to get radiation treatments and is feeling pretty good. Our Aunt Elaine is also getting radiation treatments but the last update was a few days ago so I have no new news for her. Her doctor’s do not want to reduce her pain medication just yet so it continues to be a wait and see situation. Finally, I have to disclose that I have been chastised by my sister, Dixie for “talking about her personal business.” So, if her welfare is something you care about, I am advising you to contact her for updates.

Phil and I finally agreed that we needed to make some changes in our bedroom. It’s okay … it was only a problem with the mattress! We went to Costco and purchased a three inch Memory Foam mattress topper and wow! Because I am vertically challenged (it has raised the bed three inches) it presented a bit of a challenge for me to get in and out of bed but is well worth the trouble. It will take some getting used to but so far, we love it! This coming week we have provisional plans to go exploring and do some day trips but as usual, our decisions are carved in Jell-O and will remain to be seen.


  1. Joy and Phil,
    Family is fun! Neither Suzy nor I have many relatives that are close (emotionally or geographically)except my brother and his wife. Everyone else is in California, Oregon,Washington, Nevada and Idaho. But when we do see them, it's always a good time. Many of us got together for a wedding in August.

    Thanks for sharing your seemingly large family with us!

    Jerry and Suzy

  2. Great post... It is always fun to hear about others families and interest... Beautiful Family