Sunday, May 18, 2008


The hot weather followed us to Pleasanton from Yuma. We had hardly put our jacks down when the weather prognosticators were telling the bay area residents to get ready for a heat wave … in the triple digits. No thanks needed, we do what we can …

We are spending some time with my sister, Robin and her husband Walt. Phil has been helping Walt with projects that need four hands—hanging new interior doors (upgrading) for one—and Robin and I have done some marathon visiting. We have gone out to dinner several times and Robin and I even played a game of Scrabble (she trounced me soundly) but I have asked for another chance. My sister is a champion Scrabble player so it is an exercise in futility but because I am a ‘WORD” person, I love the game—considered it to be a learning experience. That is the understatement of the year when you play against Robin.

Sisters update: Good news regarding both ladies! Dixie had surgery this past Friday and they removed the one and a half inch screw that has been holding her broken hip bones together. The breaks have mended (it has been nearly five months!) to the point that the doctors want her to start putting weight on that side. She is very optimistic and hopeful that she will be walking again soon. Robin has an appointment with her doctor on Monday to discuss the plan for additional treatment after her lumpectomy which is healing nicely.

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