Sunday, May 04, 2008


Yuma weather: 58 degrees at 5:46 a.m., not a breath of air moving as we wait for sunrise.

We learned yesterday that our Auntie’s Elaine and Beverly have arrived safe and sound in Washington . They called us just as they were crossing the border over the Columbia River. After beautiful weather for six days they were driving straight into heavy rain and low clouds. Welcome to Washington the sign says!

Phil worked with cousin, Nada yesterday. They took another load to the storage unit and he is finishing up miscellaneous small jobs. Today he will help her again and then she will be on her own for awhile here in Yuma. André, Nada’s “Significant Other” is not able to help her because he broke his leg in a fall on a recent trip back east. He is hobbling around on crutches and Nada commented that “some people” will go to great lengths to avoid helping her move!
Sister update: Nothing new to report. As they say, "No news is good news!"

Only three days (including today) until we journey west toward our next great adventure. In addition to seeing friends and family, I am looking forward to getting back to Washington this summer because my daughter, Bobbie has become engaged to be married. We are looking forward to meeting her fiancé, coincidentally also named Bob. She has assured me their plans will take our nomadic lifestyle into consideration so we can be there for the wedding. I was pleased to hear that promise since we were conspicuously absent during the last two weddings in the family because we were in the southwest for the winter. Tomorrow is laundry day and we have visited the used book store for a fresh supply of reading material and a couple new books on tape for the road. Phil wants to wash The Lone Ranger before we leave and I have a few things to pack away, then we will be ready to roll!

It is going to be another beautiful day in Yuma. What is it that famous Hawaiian postcard says? “Just another sh---y day in paradise!”

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