Sunday, May 25, 2008


As I sit here at my computer this morning there is a steady stream of campers walking to and from the bathroom/shower building next to us. After a rainy, muddy day on Saturday, I am sure the tent-campers are ready for a hot shower. On this Memorial Day weekend, after seeing so many young families with children huddled around campfires and trying to stay dry under tarps and flimsy canopies yesterday, we felt a tiny bit guilty in our cozy and warm home on wheels last night. Today, the sun is shining and hopefully everyone and everything will begin to dry out. Yesterday, we drove down the coast as far as Elk, CA and I wore long pants, socks and tennis shoes for the first time this year. We have used the electric heater every night (electricity is included in our space rent) since leaving Pleasanton. With nights in the low 40s and days barely reaching the mid 50s, so far it seems we may have been premature with our anticipation of good weather on the coast.

Phil drove Penny the Pace about 27 miles from Leggett, on Highway 101 (where it intersects with Highway 1) southwest to Westport Beach RV Park here on the Pacific Ocean. It was our first adventure in a very long time (since our trip back east in 2005) on a narrow, two-lane road in somewhat mountainous terrain and our brave Penny did a perfect job with Phil at the helm. I had hoped to handle the drive without a problem but unfortunately, had a white-knuckle ride taking two nerve pills in order to keep my composure. No need to do that again so I will drive the Lone Ranger on the return to highway 101 when we head north again this coming Tuesday. It is incredibly beautiful on the California coast (with more to come in Oregon) and is so worth whatever difficulty we might bring upon ourselves to get us here.
We had a great time in Pleasanton with my sister and her husband and look forward to seeing them again in late June in Washington when they come north for a few weeks.

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