Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well, after almost four years of fulltime RV living—it has finally happened. One question we are asked fairly often is: “Have you found a place you would like to live yet?”
My answer has always been, “All of them!”
My comment to Phil as we have traveled across the country, north-south-east-west has been, “You know what, I could live here.”
My explanation for this phenomenon has been when you are basically a happy person, cohabitating with someone you love and you have a passion—you can be content wherever you live or as a Mary Engelbreit’s poster does so eloquently endorse, “Bloom where you are planted.” I know this to be true because I “bloomed” in Shelton Washington for many dozens of years and it can be the most depressing place on earth in the middle of a long gray winter!

Well, that has changed. Last week we were parked in a small RV park near Mojave, CA. Driving back to Mojave through California City after having lunch in Tehachapi, this sentence just slipped out—it even surprised me! I said, “I could never live here! For me, the Mojave Desert has to be the most depressing area of California.” One thing we did find interesting in the vicinity was the brand new freeways, sweeping on and off ramps and miles of beautiful new blacktop, CA State highways 14 and 58 to be specific, for miles in all directions from Mojave. Why? For the most part, the roads in California are some of the worst in the nation. What has the Mojave area said or done to deserve these DOT tax dollars? So few people, so little traffic but brand new highways … it is indeed a mystery!

Here are a few pictures we took on our day trip yesterday to Sequoia National Park. I would have loaded more but of course, Blogger is acting up and it has taken hours to get these few into the blog. Anyway, we had a great day and tomorrow morning we will be heading over to Pleasanton for a week or so to spend some time with my sister, Robin and her family.

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  1. Previous to the bypass at Mojave it was a pretty lengthy time of going through the town. Lots of trucks. We are in Visalia and this is a perfect time to come in this area instead of 100+ in the summer.