Sunday, March 16, 2008

Winter prospective from Yuma Arizona

It’s Sunday morning. R-e-e-a-a-l-l early Sunday morning and I am watching the sky lighten up as I write. Unfortunately, Penny’s picture window (aka windshield) is pointed south so the sunrise is off to my left and there is a 5th wheel next door blocking my view. The wind came up yesterday and the forecast promises more of the same for today along with some cool temperatures. So far, the air is still with just a whisper of a breeze but it is plenty cool. Only 40 degrees outside when I got up at 5:30 a.m. We will bundle up, put on long pants, make it through today and with luck, the sunshine will come back this afternoon or at the latest, tomorrow. That’s okay fine with me … we do not come to Arizona in the winter for cold weather!

Phil has been working again at cousin, Nada’s house—painting, patching, hanging a new ceiling fan and many other odd jobs. Years of renovation have gotten very old for her and she has set a date to be finished with this project and it is coming down to the wire. The final big job will be putting new sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen. Phil has been a big help to her and has been happy to assist but he will be glad when everything is done too. Maybe then, he will find the time to go fishing again!

I fill my days with research and writing my mother’s biography. For me, this continues to be a labor of love but a project that mushroomed over time. The more I discovered about her life, the bigger the task became until in order to finish her story, I knew I had to get serious about it. No longer considered “busy work”, I try to write every day and hopefully, with perseverance, I can conclude this composition before I lose my momentum.

My cousins, Jonelle and Shannon have returned to their homes in Denver and Seattle and I had a great time visiting with them while they visited with their mother, my Aunt Elaine. They enjoyed the good weather while they were here and were not looking forward to going home and experiencing two or more months of winter. Maybe next year they will stay for two weeks!

Update on Sister, Dixie: I talked to our other sister, Robin (who is in Washington State for a few weeks) yesterday and she had some good news. The physical therapy crew had Dixie out of bed, into a wheel chair, out to the parking lot and in and out of a car yesterday. Dixie will get her first day trip today--dinner at daughter, Tammy and her husband, Steve's house. I am a bit confused about it since I was under the impression they wanted her to be as immobile as possible but since I’m not there it is not for me question. Dixie is so happy to be able to go ANYWHERE beyond the nursing home walls I doubt if she is inquiring about any changes. If she does well on this day trip hopefully, there will be more. No update on the Staph infection this week. It would be wonderful if it was gone but I will delay my celebration until I hear those words. Thanks to all for keeping Dixie in your thoughts--your attention does her a lot of good!

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