Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is it really winter?

What a beautiful day! The sun is out, it was almost 60 degrees at 7 a.m. and there was a slight breeze ruffling the flags over the RV Park office. Before the sun came up I could see a beautiful, nearly full moon out my window and I am so thankful I can be here in the desert this winter. When I think about the North Country I have such mixed emotions because I really do love the snow covered mountains and how quiet and clean everything is after a new fallen snow. The crunchy sound of tires rolling down a country road; the foot long icicles dripping off the eaves; the sparkling crust on fresh snow in the morning and kids of all ages throwing themselves down to make snow angels are all beautiful images in my mind. However, the older I get, the less I like being cold and it looks like my visits to parts of the country where ice and snow are the norm have come to an end. I will just have to be content with seeing it on television newscasts and reading about it in novels where along with a crackling fire and a cup of hot chocolate, it sounds so romantic because for Phil and me, the desert is where it’s at in winter!

Another week has gone by and actually it is easy to tell when Phil and I begin to think about moving on down the road. We start talking about our “next trip” and looking at the small atlas in my purse when we are waiting for our food in a restaurant or at home, he is cruising Streets and Trips on his computer. The “what ifs” start to flow in conversation and our many options begin to surface, tumbling out in every day banter. For us, this full time RVing way of life is THE BEST! We can go anyplace we want, whenever we want with the most important consideration being the weather. But, what about gas prices you ask? We don’t like them, that’s for sure but they are in fact—a fact of life today and since we refuse to give up our dream—our life-style per se, we will make concessions and change a few things in order to survive this obstacle. Simply put, we have just slowed down and when you think about it, what is wrong with that?

Update on sister, Dixie: The day trips have been a complete success and an Easter outing in scheduled for today. These days outside the facility have made a huge difference in Dixie’s frame of mind and when I talked to her last, she quipped, “Going back to the nursing home, I know how dogs feel when they go to the pound.” We are happy to hear the Staph infection numbers are decreasing with each test so although it is still resisting the antibiotics, it appears the medicine is winning the fight. No definite date for the hip replacement surgery except we know it will not happen until the Staph is gone.

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  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Hang in there. Keep it up. Pres Preppy will be out soon, prices will go down and you won't have to come to a screeching halt :) Slowing down is fine.