Sunday, March 02, 2008

Do you have a passion?

I almost forgot to write this morning! My mind is wrapped around my mother’s biography and the older I get; the more difficult it is for me to change lanes!

My blog might be a bit neglected when we park for any extended length of time because of the lack of activity on our part. We both kick back and relish the warm sunny days and except for the absolute necessities, do little or nothing. Phil and I worked hard our entire lives and we have earned this lifestyle and are not embarrassed to say we love it!

However, that said … I must qualify my statement by saying that after sitting in one place for too long, we begin to experience the Rver’s malady called, “Hitch Itch.” Loving to travel is a big part of choosing to live full time in a recreational vehicle, be it a 5th wheel, motorhome or trailer. When we stop traveling, the walls have a tendency to start closing in and Phil suffers a bit more from this occurrence that I do … BECAUSE … I have a passion! Phil has one too (he loves to fish) but his passion requires a large body of water, something sorely lacking in this area.

Passion! In my humble opinion, that is the key to enjoying retirement and for people who do not have one, enjoying the retired life is nearly impossible. There are millions of passions out there in the world. If you are retired and not having any fun—for Pete’s sake, choose one! For me, it is creative writing, research and genealogy. My “toys’ make that easier for me (computer and Internet) but if these two things were not available to me (like during the first 55 years of my life), my passion would continue to fill my days with pleasure—each task would just take longer and be more difficult.

Reference books are still accessible at the local library and portable typewriters are lightweight and easy to stow. I love the Internet—to say it changed my life is an understatement. I love my computer—to say it also changed my life would be another huge understatement. Cell phones, online banking and bill paying as well as fast cheap mail forwarding (and we can’t forget Wal*mart) have helped to make this time of our life the very best it has ever been—thank goodness for technology! I for one am very grateful (I’m talking to you, Bill Gates)!

Sister, Dixie update: This week I am going on the premise that, “No news is good news!”

We went to the movies in “Old Yuma” last week. “The Bucket List” was great and we highly recommend it. AARP magazine quotes Jack Nicholson as saying he is only going to do comedy from now on. I am happy about that because when he plays crazy people, he scares the bee-gee-zees out of me! (I guess that means he is good at what he does, right?) Here are some photos we took that day.

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  1. Looks to me like you are living an excellent life. How wonderful that you are able to go where you want whenever. It seems that the mail would be the toughest part but you seem to have that under control. Good for you!