Monday, March 10, 2008

Family news and fine cars!

I totally screwed up my Sunday routine! Going off daylight savings time threw off the CBS TV schedule on Dish TV and when I got up, my Sunday Morning show with Charles Osgood was nearly over! I was so disgusted; I turned off the TV and went back to bed. By the time I got up again, checked my e-mail, ate my breakfast, read the blogs I check every day and worked on my mother’s biography for an hour or so – it dawned on me I had forgotten to update the blog! I’m sorry about that but by then, it was time to get cleaned up, get dressed and move on with my day. So-o-o-o-o-o-o, here I am today. A day late and a dollar short! Sound familiar?

My cousins, Jonelle from Denver and Shannon from Seattle are here for a week visiting with their mother, my Aunt Elaine. We have been spending as much time with them as we can without intruding wholly on their mother-daughter time. Thanks to my mother, who encouraged family get-togethers several times a year, I feel very close to my cousins and I love them very much. I always enjoy spending time with them and am so happy that Phil has grown to care about my family and feels the same way!

Sister, Dixie update: A week after her last surgery (is that four surgeries now?!!) the X-Ray showed that the new screw was backing out AGAIN! The surgeon was totally stymied and could not decide what to do since the Staph infection is still alive and well—totally resisting the antibiotics! After consulting with his associates, he decided to keep Dixie immobile without any lower body physical therapy for 30 days. She will continue with the upper torso PT but they want the hip to stay as still as possible. After 30 days IF the Staph infection is gone they will give her a total hip replacement. IF it is NOT gone, I guess they go back to the drawing board. Incredibly, she is in fairly good spirits and please, keep those cards and calls coming!

Last Saturday we went down the road to watch the parade of classic cars. Phil took 511 pictures of the 914 cars we saw but I picked just a few to show you! Here is the article out of the Yuma Sun:

“Welcome to the home page of Midnight at the Oasis, the Southwest's premier Classic Car and Nostalgia Festival. Sponsored by the Caballeros de Yuma, the event takes place in March at the Ray Kroc Complex in Yuma, AZ - the former spring training home of the San Diego Padres. Spread over four regulation baseball fields the festival features 900 of the finest classic cars - everything from Model Ts to the Muscle Cars - built before 1972. The festival includes a smorgasbord of regional food cooked by local non-profit agencies, vendors from all around the West, rides for the kids, concerts on Friday and Saturday night - and to kick off the festivities, a parade of classic cars from downtown Yuma to the baseball complex.”

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