Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun week in Phoenix, Arizona

We had an uneventful ride back to Yuma this past Friday and we are safely backed into our former site at Desert Holiday RV Park across the street from where my aunt lives. Phil and I really like Phoenix and have decided we want to go back and spend at least a month one day. And, since we have family in the area as well as all the other things to do, that might not be long enough. We discovered there are many places to park our Penny in the surrounding towns close to the city that are only a few minutes from our cousins and all the attractions. With our wonderful “Carmen” Garmin GPS and an area map from the Visitor’s Center we got around very easily on the surface streets and found our way while avoiding the freeways whenever possible.

And, let me tell you about the restaurants! There are so many to choose from it would take years to try them all! And the malls! If I was a shopper I would be in paradise but since I’m not, I watched out for the thrift stores and there are many of those as well. As it is in all the places we have been in Arizona, the construction is going full-tilt everywhere with no signs of letting up. It is hard to believe there is a recession going on looking around the cities in this state. My aunt Elaine tells me the recession is only apparent to people like her who live on a fixed income. The price of everything is going up while her income stays the same. Phil and I understand completely; thinking long and hard about our wants versus our needs and often find it necessary to make adjustments to our spending in order to stay safe from the wolf at the door.

Sister, Dixie report: The surgery to repair the broken hip has been done, AGAIN. The Staph infection is being treated STILL. She is back in the nursing care facility and the long weeks of recuperation and physical therapy has begun … AGAIN. Dixie celebrated her 58th birthday this past Thursday with flowers, balloons, chocolates, phone calls and visits from her loved ones as well as a special dinner and birthday cake provided by her daughter and son-in-law, Tammy and Steve. Hopefully, all the commemoration helped to cheer her up!

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