Sunday, February 03, 2008

10:20 am Sunday February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday … do you know where your man (and I suppose some wives) will be this afternoon?

Since I’m not a big sports fan I will be doing my own thing while Phil will certainly be spending game time yelling and cursing at the TV. That could explain my lack of enthusiasm for sports … it brings out the “loud” in people and I can do without loud! The older I get the more sensitive I am to noise—any noise—and it not only confuses my better half, it seems silly to him.

I am always saying, “What was that?!” Phil’s response is always the same, “What? I didn’t hear anything!” Well, I know his hearing isn’t what it used to be but sometimes I don't believe he really cannot hear that banging, thumping, squeaking, ticking, hissing or knocking that is as plain as the nose on your face to me! Sometimes I think he just doesn’t want to deal with it so he pretends he didn’t hear anything. Hmmm … you think?

The worst thing for me about noise is when it happens without warning; I nearly jump out of my skin! Then, there is my other neurosis. Have you ever heard of “gunfighter syndrome?” I suffer from that as well. So between the noise and the need to sit with my back against the wall it would seem I am a phobic mishmash. Do two neuroses make a neurotic? How many is too many? Is one OK but two is over the line? Do I care? Not really. Am I rambling? Maybe...

Update on sister, Dixie: My dear, distressed sister has had some serious setbacks in the past two weeks. I did not write about her progress last week because there was none. When doctors opened her incision to repair the repair –geezz! (X-rays determined one of the screws was backing out) they found an infection. So, she is back to square one. All the improvement so far was for naught and for a week and a half now she has been in traction in the hospital waiting for antibiotics to eradicate the infection. Once that has occurred, then the surgeon can AGAIN go in and repair the hip bone and she starts her healing from scratch. Dixie, along with her entire family is beginning to wonder ... is this really happening!

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