Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 Western Gypsy Journal Rally

Today was a travel day and our Gypsy Journal Rally is history for another year. The weather was fair from Sunday through Thursday; a bit nippy in the evenings but comfortable for the most part during the day. Then Thursday night a front moved in and it started to rain. By morning, we were parked in a muddy lake that was so slippery—several RVs in our row had to be pulled out to higher ground by the Penal County Fairground’s tractor. We waited until almost noon before Phil taped on his Wal*Mart bag goulashes and went outside to brave the elements and prepare our Penny the Pace for travel. What a mess! Our host and fearless leader, Nick Russell told us last night that the fairgrounds may be paving the RV parking area before next year. That would be a first rate improvement. Paved or not, we hope to be there for the third western rally in 2009.

We arrived in Peoria (a bedroom community west of Phoenix) without mishap. The first half of the drive went fairly well in spite of the intermittent rain, and then we hit what I call, “big city traffic.” I much prefer back roads and get nervous when we travel on a road with more than two or three lanes but our wonderful “Carmen” Garmin GPS led us perfectly through the maze of Phoenix freeways to our RV Park. We LOVE Carmen! Actually, this is not officially an RV Park. There are only a few sites available for RVs; most of the sites have mobile homes or park models permanently attached. But … the streets are paved!

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