Sunday, February 10, 2008

9.20 am Sunday February 10, 2008

Today is a travel day … it has been a while and we are ready to roll. This morning we will leave for Casa Grande, Arizona for Nick and Terry Russell’s 2nd annual western Gypsy Journal Rally.

We attended last year and had a good time so we signed up immediately at Rally's end for the 2008 gathering. Nick honestly tried to keep this second rally small but his popularity has made that impossible. I have no idea what the final count will be but our guess is that there will be more than 250 RVs this year.

According to his blog, Nick and his volunteer crew parked over 50 yesterday (These rigs decided they did not need reservations and just dropped in without warning which I find a bit obnoxious but that is just me … Nick accepted them without comment in his blog.) and there are over 100 reservations (ours included) for early bird day today. The Rally actually starts tomorrow.

I have finished my digitizing project. Three of the four big plastic tubs we brought along in the back of The Lone Ranger, full of memorabilia, genealogical information and photographs have been emptied and everything has been scanned into my computer and backed up on an external hard drive. An unknown number of large trash bags left Penny the Pace as things were scanned but the photos and the originals of all the documents are now back into smaller containers, filed in albums or packed in an archival box.

My respite is short lived however since now I must get back to my real work of finishing my mother’s biography I began over ten years ago. I am now assured nothing I believe to be pertinent in her life story will be forgotten or inadvertently omitted because as I scanned I also dated everything so my research material is all in chronological order and available to me with the click of my mouse.

We paid a quick visit to our friends, Tim and Shari, the couple we bought our Penny the Pace from back in 2004 on our way to Mexico last Wednesday to pick up a few meds. They were happy to hear that we still love her just as much as we did in the beginning and we tentatively planned a get-together when we return to Yuma so they can pay her a visit.
Wow! Although Los Algodones did not seem all that busy, it took two and a half hours in line to get back into the USA. Knowing that, we stopped at a restaurant located just inside the Mexican border for lunch before we got into the line. The food was pretty good and neither of us suffered any unpleasant gastronomical affects from the ice in our sodas. Afterward, while we were waiting in line, the weather was warm, not hot ... and the time passed quickly.

Sister Dixie update: Staph infection has brought all healing to a halt until it is under control. This coming Friday another surgery check is planned. If the infection is gone, they will go ahead with another repair on the hip bone. We are all playing the waiting game …

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