Tuesday, June 06, 2006

9:06 AM Tuesday June 6, 2006

Today is the final day or our colossal trek around the USA! We have been traveling for one year and 21 days. Barring any unforeseen troubles, this afternoon we will arrive full circle at Shelton Washington—for how long? The answer to that question is “written in the wind”. Again, I will reiterate, “That’s the beauty of this fulltime Rving lifestyle”. Schedules for the most part are so loose as to be nonexistent and if it weren’t for our yearly medical appointments they would not be a part of our routine at all. Penny the Pace continues to purr like a kitten ... yahoo!

My sister Robin and her husband Walt stopped to see us in Phoenix Oregon night before last. They were driving south to their primary home in Pleasanton CA from their secondary home in Shelton. I tried to post yesterday morning but the satellite reception was more off than on and then blogger, my web log host was behaving badly (that doesn’t happen often but it DOES happen) so I lost what I did write. It went off into cyberspace in a heartbeat leaving no footprints in the sand. Usually I write in WORD then copy and paste into blogger but of course, I didn’t do that yesterday and I didn’t have time to rewrite what I’d written.

Anyway … I’ll put some figures together and give you the stats of the trip sometime in the near future. You know, mileage, dollars, etc. That should be interesting, for us as well as our readers. I suppose it could also fall into the category of “don’t want to know” but time will tell … stay tuned!

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