Sunday, June 11, 2006

10:05 AM Sunday June 11, 2006

The heavy fog that cloaked Shelton like a blanket of fleece at 6:30 AM when I got up this morning is burning off. I can see a hazy blue cast to the sky out my window giving me hope that Mother Nature will grant us some sunshine today. Ah Hah! A breakthrough—I can see a shadow across the street!

The Squaxin Indian Tribe has a hotel, casino, a couple restaurants, gas station and convenience store about six miles south of Shelton. While we’ve been away they have done extensive remodeling and revamping of their food service. The Little Creek Buffet Restaurant is bar none, the best we’ve come across all around the country! Seniors eat lunch for $6.00 (which includes your non-alcoholic beverage of choice) and the 40 feet of all you can eat buffet line includes an assortment of entrees like succulent pork roast, baron of beef, pot roast, swiss steak, short ribs, chicken several ways and then there is the seafood! Crab legs, steamer clams, boiled shrimp, fried shrimp and shrimp cocktail, baked salmon, fried oysters and for dinner they add prime rib to the mix! Of course, there is a huge salad bar and abundant choice of fresh fruit, rolls, a condiment bar and wide variety of deserts including sugar free choices. We fail to understand why the people of this area would eat any place else … we’ve been there twice in four days!

Yesterday was one of those days. After eating our fill, we drove to my niece’s home about half way between Shelton and Olympia. Her Mom (my sister, Dixie) along with Tammy, her friend Nikki (Nicky?) and another lady were having a garage sale. After hello hugs and kisses, Phil and I stayed around until the sale closed for the day and then along with Dixie’s husband Paul we all went out together for a bite to eat.

Recently married, Tammy's new husband, Steve is serving in the military, stationed in the Phillipines and she took us on a tour their new home that’s being built only a few minutes away from where she lives now. Here are some pictures …

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