Wednesday, June 07, 2006

7:38 PM Wednesday June 7, 2006

We have arrived in Washington, safe and sound. We are parked and set up below Gloria and Lester's house. The phenomenon most evident in this part of the country is how green everything is! Duh! It is the “Evergreen State” after all! For us, it is especially conspicuous after months in the southwest where most of the color is happening from paint and the tops of palm trees. In the desert, Mother Nature plumps up the cactus if the rains come, splashes some color around in the spring when they bloom and breaks the monotony with the huge fields of crops growing and greening up around every corner but in general, sandy brown prevails. We found tranquility in the wide-open spaces and learned to appreciate the efforts by the city and residents to brighten up this booming municipality.

I had forgotten how mountainous southern Oregon is and was relieved when the terrain flattened out on I-5 north of Canyonville. The highway is pretty good for the most part and none of the passes are especially high (nothing above 2100 ft.) after we came over the Siskiyous so from Medford north I was able to handle my anxiety without my nerve medication (that wonderful OTC “Calms Forte”).

Another innovative “trick” I decided to utilized was diversion. All around the country, Phil and I have found much to talk about as we traveled so we chose not to turn on the radio or play music, which enables us to hear each other. But, going over the mountains in California, I found that playing my favorite CDs helped to cover up the engine noise and surprisingly, I managed to keep my mind on the music … sure wish I’d thought of that sooner! It helped a lot. BTW, since I’ve admitted my fear of mountain driving in the motorhome it is interesting how many other people I’ve heard from who feel the same way. It may sound like overconfidence but I will say publicly and unequivocally that this fear of mine will never stop me from traveling … and when mountain driving is unavoidable, I will just continue to deal with it one way or the other.
Phil and Les are going fishing tomorrow! Phil is a happy boy!

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