Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well folks, it has been a wild and wonderful week! We didn’t get our cabinets by Thanksgiving so we are back to playing the waiting game ... again. The snow that was forecast arrived in spades and by Sunday night and Monday, we had 8-10 inches and it was very cold. We are so grateful for our new electric blanket especially when we crawled into our warm bed last Sunday. Thanks again to darling daughter, Bobbie! After showing up at Gloria and Lester’s for dinner in just a sweater … Les delivered three winter warm coats sent by Gloria at Penny’s door the next day. One fit me just right and now Mother Nature can throw her worst at me and I will stay warm. Thank you dear friend!

We were invited along with Gloria and Les for dinner at our friend, Linda’s home last Sunday evening. She prepared lasagna Bologna (Italy’s gastronomic capital). It was different and totally delectable. She served it with garlic bread and salad and we were all impressed with her culinary style and presentation. It was a fun evening. Les provided dessert by baking a Lime Cheesecake with whipped cream topping. Delicious!

Thanksgiving was (as usual) an impressive spread prepared by niece, Tammy and her husband Steve. My nephew Arne and his family brought homemade rolls and Tammy’s mom, my sister Dixie prepared a notable assembly of pies including apple, berry, chocolate and of course, traditional pumpkin. It was a lovely evening with family enjoyed by all.

Saturday afternoon, we drove to Belfair and went out to dinner with daughter, Violet and her husband, Fred. Violet, Phil and I share the same birthdate. Violet was born on my 19th birthday on Thanksgiving Day and as I’ve mentioned before, Phil was born on the same day in November. Coincidence or Karma? We went to Sherri’s Restaurant and after inquiring about any birthday specials, all three of us received free pie for our birthday. Yummy! Fred had to buy his dessert … LOL!

The snow is pretty well gone now and the temperature has warmed up. Even so, we are yearning for the warm weather in Arizona where we have spent most of our winters since retirement. Oh well, we will survive but hope the rumors about an especially rough winter in 2010-2011 are all gross exaggerations.

Hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving running over with food. family and fun. Thanks for stopping by!
Until next time …


  1. Nice looking van. I guess that is to replace the Caddy, not the Ranger?

  2. You said the snow arrived in spades. Our experience in Montana was different. However it arrived, it usually went OUT in SHOVELS! (Teehee - Jerry made a joke!)