Sunday, November 07, 2010


…it is not a problem! That is my motto and I am trying desperately to hang on to those meaningful words but lately it has been very hard! Enough with the bad luck already, okay?

First of all, even with all the time and money we spent, the roof over the patio and carport still leaks. Phil has had to jury rig a black plastic gutter system to help slow down the leaks but it is just a band-aid and a permanent fix must wait until next spring or summer. Secondly our washing machine/dryer combination is still not working properly so my elation about having a way to do our laundry at home is off again, on again at best. The technician continues to search for the problem. Thirdly, our cabinetmaker is making excuses and cannot seem to tell us when our kitchen cabinets will be ready to install so we are playing a waiting game with him. We have our doubts whether he has even started working on them yet! The straw that has nearly broken this camel’s back is my wonderful Cadillac prognosis. Our mechanic has not found the cause of the oil not getting to the top of the engine. The oil pressure is good but somehow, it is not getting where it needs to go. He thinks something is plugged up somewhere and has indicated it is a common problem in that year and model of Cadillac. We are fairly certain he will recommend a new engine, which we are not prepared to do for a 21-year old car. Two oil changes, two new tires and new brakes are all for naught. What a bummer!!

Okay, enough of that whining. If money can fix it … it is not a problem, right? Terminal illnesses, the death of a loved one, an unforeseen national disaster are all “problems” but these things I have mentioned are only inconveniences and will be overcome. Time and money is all it will take.

Not much else to talk about. Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time …


  1. Maybe I can help with the leak. We'be been having problems with roof leaks on both our front and back porches. We finally put new rolled roofing material on the front porch. So far no leaks. The back porch has new metal roofing but we had a leak between the house and the porch. It turned out the gutter on the house was small and leaky. When it rained, it leaked at the seams and overflowed causing water to run down between the porch and the house and underneath the metal roofing. It was destroying the wood ceiling on the porch. We had a guy come out and replace the guttering on the house. He used seamless gutters and they are much larger than the old ones. He put some kind of piece of flashing between the house and porch and under the gutter. We THINK it's fixed but haven't had much rain since then. Water can be tricky finding where it's coming from. Hope this helps.

  2. Sorry to hear about so much not fixed. Seems like a black cloud is hanging over your head right now. But, your positive attitude is a good long as time and money can fix the problems, life is still good. How's the health stuff this week?

    When I had to type the weird word after I typed my comment, it was JOYSIN - sort of like, Joy's in. Funny.

  3. Wow Joy! Sorry to hear about the hiccups in the road. Hopefully that lucky penny will be just around the corner. Won't cover the expense but you could make a wish!

    Thanks for the link to the book. Love the idea!

    Hang in there! They say eventually it gets better. Cheers!

  4. Joy, you have hit a major spot in Our Life on Wheels! We started a project to print all of our (1) early e-mail reports, (2) our MyTripJournal posts, and (3) our Blogger posts. Got a lot of it done, but a lot is still pending. We are going to jump right in this afternoon to let this service take over where we left off on the Blogger posts, and do quarterly PDF pages. Then we can print them out without all the layout headaches for copying and arranging them on MS Word. Hallelujah, and thank you for finding that service for us! You are truly a JOY!

  5. THANK YOU! You a jewel!