Sunday, November 14, 2010


We received a call from grandson, Joe on Friday morning that his mother, daughter, Bobbie was at Mason General Hospital in the emergency room. She had been experiencing chest pain all day on Thursday and by Friday morning, (the fourth episode of this pain in the past three months) she asked Joe to drive her to the emergency room. After two EKGs were assessed by a cardiologist in Olympia at Providence Hospital (via e-mail or FAX?) they were instructed to transport her to Olympia and the cardiac care unit on the 9th floor would be expecting her.

We arrived just as they were loading her in the ambulance and followed them to Olympia. Joe took his mother's car home and waited to hear from us about her condition. Bobbie had been in some really serious pain in her chest but they gave her nitro and by the time she arrived in Olympia, the pain had subsided. To make a very long story shorter ... several blood tests determined Bobbie had suffered a heart attack some time in the recent past and an angiogram was ordered for the next morning. Several delays bumped her procedure back but eventually she was taken to the cath lab. Less than an hour later, by 1:00 PM she was back in her room. The doctor told us after surgery that he did not find any significan damage but two of her main arteries were showing signs of serious cholesterol buildup. His decision was to not do anything at this point and using medication, life style changes and exercise to see if she can turn this condition around. We believe she will go home today.

Bobbie gave her family and friends a really big scare but we are all very relieved. She has had to review her recent feelings of denial and accept these changes needed to get well. Phil and I have agreed we will support her life style adjustments in any way we can and be here for her 24/7 as she begins her new adventures in getting healthy.

No pictures this week. I took one of Bobbie in her hospital bed but she threatened me with bodily injury if I published it. LOL! Phil has put the first coat of primer on the living room ceiling and walls. The sanding and preparation were really messy and it took many hours to clean up afterwards but it will be worth it. Hopefully, things will start moving pretty fast now.

Our Cadillac is still in the garage without any news from the mechanic??? We bought another used car, a beautiful 1995 Ford Windstar (pics next week) that is like new inside and out. We hope to sell the Cadillac if he can get it drivable. If it can't be fixed, we will sell it but just for a lot less money.

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  1. So sorry to read about Bobbie's problem. Hopefully this was a good wake-up call and she can make some lifestyle changes - guess everyone needs to do that.

    So now you are a 3-car family, 2 home family! It's nice to know rich people.

    We are enjoying our patio table and chairs...but wishing you were here for the winter.

  2. Joy, our prayers are with Bobbie. That is so scarey. Will keep her there.

  3. Now THAT is funny!!! Closer to the truth is "poor people".

  4. Glad to hear Bobbie is okay and her condition will get better with medication, diet and exercise! We will hold her in our thoughts and prayers. =0)