Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have been informed that fireworks are not illegal inside the city of Shelton and I stand corrected. As long as they are legal fireworks, purchased from the abundant and licensed vendors in town … they are allowed. It is the “illegal” fireworks purchased from the Native American fireworks stands on the Indian reservations that cannot be set off. Since I have never purchased any, not once in my lifetime … I know nothing about legal or illegal fireworks. The most exciting thing I have ever done is hanging on to a sputtering sparkler as it burned itself out. Anywhooooo, I am always glad when the celebration has passed and the noise has ceased.

Our Sunday last week was filled with much work being accomplished at the trailer and then the afternoon and evening was spent at my niece, Tammy’s beautiful home in Olympia. She had a family gathering to celebrate the 21st birthday of her oldest child and only son, Andy who will be a senior in college this fall. Tammy’s husband, Steve bbq’d hamburgers and hotdogs and there was a bountiful array of side dishes and salads. As usual, the food was delicious and when it was time for presents followed by cake and ice cream everyone was wondering where they would put it.

Our friend, Les has been helping Phil rewire the bathroom and Phil wonders how he would have done it without him. As a total novice at electrical wiring, Phil was leery of the bathroom venture until he knew Les would help him. We are both getting an education for sure. With luck, they will finish up the project today.

Neither of us had any doctor appointments this past week but next week is a different story. Phil will see the eye-ear-nose specialist on Monday (more exams to determine the cause of his snoring) and I will have the cataract in my left eye removed on Wednesday. I am very excited about my surgery as the doctor has informed me that I may not even need glasses after both eyes are done in another three weeks. Hurray!!! I’ve worn glasses for about 30 years and have never been comfortable with them.

Today we will begin taking care of two sweet cats that belong to our friends, Sandy and Ray while they are on vacation. I’m looking forward to getting a super kitty fix when I spend time with them every day. I’ll share some pictures next week.

I guess the big news this week is that we bought a car yesterday. It is a 1990 Cadillac sedan de Ville, gently used and very well taken care of. This lovely couple we bought it from are only the second owners and very charming people. We really enjoyed meeting and doing business with Joe and Vivien.

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  1. Have fun kitty sitting! I have been lurking here and reading in between customers. We seem to be a lot busier this season. No complaints, it is a good thing!

  2. Good luck with yuor surgery & cobgrats on the car!!

    Suzanne & Brad

  3. Good luck with your eye surgery. We have lousy cell phone service here in Cheyenne. Maybe Phil can send me an email with an update?