Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our new home base is full … I mean full and stacked to the ceiling. There is still more to box up but hopefully, we’ll have that all done and have room to shop for more treasures by next weekend. A friend that attended our favorite auction told me we missed a really good one on Friday night. Box lots went for 1 and 2 dollars! With those prices we can really make a tidy profit when we have our garage sale.

My sister, Robin had her first cataract surgery last Tuesday in California. Everything went well and so both of us now have one good eye with one to go. On Monday I had my first visit with my new cardiologist in Olympia, Dr. Wehrli. I later learned that he is considered one of the top five heart surgeons in the country. That was really good to hear and he seemed happy with my progress as well as the results of my blood work. He wants me to do a stress test for him and an echocardiogram to assess the function of my new valve so I have another appointment next month. If I pass that test (and I can’t imagine not considering how good I feel) I guess I’ll be able to relax for a while.

Our friends, Sandy and Ray returned from vacation and they had a wonderful round trip on Amtrak and a great visit with her son, his wife and Sandy’s grandchildren. They were happy to be home and their two kitties were very glad to see them. We met them for a welcome home breakfast at a local restaurant the next morning and had a great visit. I really enjoyed taking care of their furry babies for them while they were gone.

Carly had two soccer games this past week but I have no pictures. The first game on Monday, my camera had a dead battery and the 2nd game, we forgot the camera in the car.
Les and Phil went fishing on Monday but he forgot the camera and so of course, he caught the biggest fish he’s hooked yet. Of course, no pictures except on Les’s cell phone and we don’t know how to get the picture to my computer. I know everyone does it but we have yet to learn how.

Phil and I both went in for standard blood work this week and Phil had a sonogram of his abdomen to check for a possible aortic aneurism, which is common in former smokers over 60. There was no sign of one, which was great news. He also picked up the equipment for his sleep study and slept with it one night at home. The next morning, he returned the equipment and is waiting for the results.

My grandson, Joe came over to our new home base and went to work on the canopy on the trailer and the roof of the carport and shed. He is plugging all the holes with tar and refastening all the screws so the metal sheeting is secure again after years of neglect. While he was there, I forgot I was supposed to meet his mother, my daughter Bobbie at the auto mechanic’s shop where she was taking her car for some repair work. She tried to call me but unknown to me, I had dropped my phone out by our parking space by Penny the Pace and a young man named “Brian” answered. She was surprised to find a stranger on my phone and told him we would contact him about where to leave my phone. Phil, (who was at his doctor’s appointment when Bobbie reached him), called and told Brian to leave it at Rocks ‘n Rhinestones and then picked it up there when he got back to town. He drove to Brian’s house and gave him a $20 reward. I managed to connect with Bobbie, grab her some lunch (to go) and get her back to work on time. I was so embarrassed by my forgetfulness I paid for her lunch! Fortunately, she gives her Mom some slack for “age” … Ha!

Yesterday, my great granddaughter, Carly came to spend the night with us and we attended the Mason Area Fair and Rodeo that afternoon and evening. Our friends, and fellow fulltime Rvers, Bill and Diane arrived in town in the early afternoon and parked their rig at the Elk’s Lodge RV Park. They joined us for our day at the fair and attended the rodeo with us. I think they had a good time but it was so bloody hot, we nearly roasted in our skins until the sun went down and it cooled off a little. It was a fun day for Carly as she is a big rodeo fan.

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  1. Were those cats in your motor home or house or their own home? Just wondering if Phil has become more lenient?

    Glad you got to visit with Bill and Diane.

    Good grief! I know how you can save some money. You guys don't need to be going to the doctor - from all that work you are doing (buying and selling again, remodeling the mobile home) you must both be extremely healthy to have all that energy! No need to pay doctors to evaluate your health! Good for you!