Sunday, July 04, 2010


Another week has flown by and I cannot believe it has been an entire year already since we spent the fourth of July in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The campground we stayed in did not allow fireworks so it was a rather quiet one unlike being here in Shelton. The city has banned fireworks inside the city limits but it does not deter the few who defy the law and do it anyway. The noise will continue into the night but since we are no longer willing to stay up late enough to enjoy any legal pyrotechnics, I will just put in my ear plugs and go to sleep.

Our days have been full and very, very busy. We had our dear Carly last Sunday and she spent the night with us after cruising a few garage sales that were still open on Sunday. We gave Carly $5.00 to spend but the purveyors gave every thing she decided to buy to her for free so she didn’t spend a dime. She said, “I can’t help it everybody loves me!” :) Until her mom came to pick her up that afternoon, she spent Monday at the trailer with us and got right into helping her Papa demolish the interior of our bathroom. He said he couldn’t have accomplished as much without her! She is a good little worker!

Phil continues to work on the trailer and has completely gutted the bathroom except for the toilet. We changed our plans about where to locate the newly purchased washer-dryer combo. It will be in the bathroom instead of the hall. We will put in a new bathtub and tub surround, new lighting, new flooring, new vanity and sink along with relocating the toilet and installing a bigger, 50-gallon hot water tank. It will be very nice when we are finished. The old bathroom was adequate but we decided rather than make do, to renovate the way we wanted it to be. I think we made a very good decision.

We attended two of Carly’s summer soccer games this past week. Her team is very good and even though I might be a bit prejudice, she is one of the best players on her team. She is fast, aggressive, fearless and a real team player. She made one of the goals for her team with a perfect kick and they scored many more than the opposing team although officially, no one keeps score. It is “just for fun” … or so they say.

On Friday Phil went to his PCP to make arrangements for all the tests he will have for his physical. Since we were traveling back east last year, we both missed our yearly exams. They will be running him through all the appropriate tests for a man his age and hopefully, he will get a clean bill of health when all is said and done. His doctor said everything looks pretty good but the blood work and all the tests will tell the real story.

This weekend, we only checked out a couple garage sales and attended the auction on Friday night. It was a small crowd this week so I managed to snag a few really good bargains. Next week they will be auctioning antiques only. We will stay home since neither of us knows anything about that sort of stuff that sells for big money.

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  1. You guys are really making it your own! Good for you, but what a lot of work. Gadzooks, I gave up WORK eight years ago!

  2. Wow! That looks like a TON of work...but I'm sure you are going to be very happy with it when everything is finished. You are going to love having your own washer and dryer!

    You didn't mention what bargains you got this week.

    Seeing those photos remind me of when we remodeled our house - glad those days are over. I think when the time comes for us to have some type of "house" again, I'm going for "new" after seeing all the work Phil has been doing! I don't think either of us has as much energy as you guys do.